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Escape Live hit 32,800 monthly organic hits from local SEO 😱

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We’ve been delivering successful SEO campaigns and SEO consultancy for over a decade. At the core of each of our success stories is our proven “SEO Success Framework”. Our well honed process mitigates risk & puts your website on the path to success.

Who Are We?

The story behind Ignite SEO

Hello & welcome to Ignite SEO, the only SEO agency you’ll ever need to use to improve your web-rankings. Based at the centre of the UK, we are a specialist Search Engine Optimisation service company that specialises in helping businesses small & large to rank for highly competitive keywords, both locally & nationally.

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How can we help your business?

Improve Rankings
Improve Rankings

Push your website to the top of Google.

Grow Traffic
Grow Traffic

With increased rankings comes highly relevant traffic.

Increase Revenue
Increase Revenue

Convert traffic into qualified leads ready to convert.

Build Awarness
Build Awareness

Increased visibility helps you develop a reputable brand.

Scale Up
Scale Up

Finding opportunites for long-term growth is what we do.

Local SEO Results

Being top of Google drives an average 220 organic visits daily.

  • SEO Strategy
  • Citation Audit & Clean Up
  • Onsite SEO Optimisation
  • Content Creation
  • Local SEO
  • Keyword Research & Mapping
  • Link Building
  • Security Optimisation
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Our Search Engine Optimisation Services

At Ignite SEO, we offer three key SEO services, Local SEO, National SEO and eCommerce SEO. These SEO services can be used together or independently, depending on the requirements of your business and your goals. As a national agency who only offers the highest quality SEO services, we are proud to have been able to deliver lasting results for our customers time and time again, helping them to reach their goals and to grow their businesses. 

About SEO Agency Ignite SEO

Hello & welcome to Ignite SEO, the only SEO agency you’ll ever need to use to improve your web-rankings. Based at the centre of the UK, we are a specialist Search Engine Optimisation service company that specialises in helping businesses small & large to rank for highly competitive keywords, both locally & nationally. Our tried and tested SEO framework, Plan, Analyse, Create, Promote, Report, can be tailored to the needs of your business and has helped hundreds of companies to improve their visibility online. We understand that every client and business has a different need, which is why we use a flexible SEO framework to help you achieve your goals. Our team of experienced staff members are trained in all aspects of SEO to ensure that they can provide you with the best data-driven approach.

Improve your rankings today

To find out more about our range of specialist SEO services and how we can help you to gain the traffic you need and deserve, then book a consultation today. We make SEO our business so that you can focus on growing yours.

Local SEO

  • Improve your web-ranking in local searches to increase local web-traffic
  • Bring more local footfall to your physical business location
  • Gain increased visibility on Google Maps through the optimisation of Google My Business to bring more local people to your store
  • Build trust in your business by increasing your prominence in the local area

Our Local SEO services are designed to help you attract more customers in a localised area and are typically used by businesses aiming to improve their physical footfall or who are trying to increase the reputation of their services in a set location. Here at Ignite SEO, our Local SEO service are an affordable option to help you outrank your local competitors, to increase your visibility on Google Maps and to build trust in your businesses by increasing your prominence within your local area.

National SEO

  • Target potential customers on a national level (be that in the UK or abroad)
  • Build a presence outside of your local area to compete with other national companies
  • Drive national traffic to your website to increase your business sales
  • Rank highly in web searches occurring throughout the UK not just locally to you

Our National SEO services are designed to help your business rank highly in relevant national search results, be that in the UK, or other countries abroad. For businesses that operate online, national SEO can help them to target a much wider audience, increasing web-traffic, sales and profit while also enabling them to build a brand reputation on a national level. Here at Ignite SEO, our national SEO services can be tailored to your business goals, no matter how big they may be or how far they may spread.

eCommerce SEO

  • Increase the visibility of your eCommerce site by improving your position in search rankings
  • Boost your organic traffic and turn visitors into paying customers
  • Create a positive brand reputation both locally and nationally to build customer loyalty and grow repeat sales
  • Compete with other eCommerce stores for high-ranking keywords searched for by their customers

90% of online activity starts with a search engine search. Our eCommerce SEO services are designed to help your eCommerce business to rank for key search terms, increasing the chance of customers visiting your store and making a purchase. Alongside boosting sales, our eCommerce SEO services can also help you to rank amongst and above larger eCommerce competitors, boosting your brand reputation and increasing repeat business.

SEO Success Formula

Here at Ignite SEO, we have 10 years of experience in delivering high-quality and successful SEO services to our client’s thanks to our proven SEO framework. We use our proven SEO framework to deliver all of our SEO services, including Local SEO, National SEO and eCommerce SEO.

1. Plan

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Planning is an essential part of any SEO service, setting up the project to facilitate its future success. During the planning phase of our SEO framework, you will be asked to complete an onboarding questionnaire to help us understand your business requirements. Behind the scenes, we will also be conducting data analysis and competitor research while forming the foundations of your SEO reports and preparing for your kickoff meeting.

2. Analyse

During the analysis phase our SEO framework we focus on interpreting the data collected during the planning phase and support this by conducting a number of audits, including a full technical SEO audit of your site, a website quality audit and an on-page audit. These audits and the data they provide allow us to see the current state of your SEO so that we can begin working on how to improve it. In the background, we will continue to conduct relevant keyword research and will also research any existing competitor web pages.

3. Create

Only once we have collected sufficient data and have finished the analysis phase of our SEO framework will we proceed to the creation stage. During the creation phase of our SEO framework, we will begin making any necessary technical adjustments to your website to improve its usability, will start to fill in any keyword gaps that have been highlighted in our research and will begin the creation of SEO optimised content and of new SEO optimised web pages.

4. Promote

With your website now optimised and fresh SEO content created, it’s time to move onto the promotion phase of our SEO framework, which involves link prospecting and link outreach. During the link prospecting process, we will find and audit a variety of websites that are relevant to your industry and search criteria. Next, during link outreach, we personally will contact these websites to secure you a link back from their site. The link prospecting and link outreach processes are arguably considered to be some of the most difficult and important aspects of any SEO service; however, they form a vital part of the overall success of your SEO and so cannot be ignored.

5. Reporting

Lastly, having implemented the changes needed to improve your SEO, we will continue to monitor and report on the performance of your site, making adjustments and tweaks to your SEO strategy as necessary. SEO is a constantly evolving environment, and so reporting is essential in order to highlight subtle changes that could be occurring and to keep you ranking highly for your target keywords. 


Our Customer Reviews

SEO Review
Coventry Chiropractic Clinic

Within a very short period of time were seeing greater traction with the strategy that they had implemented than in the whole year with two other firms.

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Shortland Horne Review
Shortland Horne

Within 6 months our business was listed in the top three for our main keywords in what is a very competitive industry. I would certainly recommend Adam.

View this verified case study

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Search Engine Optimisation and how does it affect my business?

Search Engine Optimisation is a form of digital marketing. It’s the formula for optimising your site so that it ranks high in a search engines’ results. If you want to make your online presence more visible and gain more traffic, SEO will be your business’ best friend!

There are two main goals of SEO practices. First, it aims to help you understand what people are searching for when they go online. Armed with this information, you’ll know how to provide high-quality content to satisfy their wants and needs.

Secondly, SEO allows you to build a website that’s easy for search engines to find and understand. Google doesn’t take kindly to be being confused by bad content!

Additionally, following the rules of SEO practices will give you a top-quality website that provides a good user experience, is fast loading and easy to navigate around. This will make your visitors much happier and give them a more pleasant experience of your business.

How to choose an SEO Agency

If you’re looking for an SEO agency who can provide exceptional optimisation services, our experts are a perfect choice. With over 10 years of experience, we can provide you with award-winning SEO campaigns, reducing risks and boosting the success of your website.

Based in the heart of the UK, our specialist SEO services can help small and large businesses to rank highly, nationally and locally.

We’ve all heard the saying “if you fail to plan, plan to fail” and this is a philosophy we stand by. Planning is a huge part of the SEO services that we offer, it allows us to deliver the most effective results possible.

When we embark on the planning phase, we’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire so that we fully understand your business needs and goals.

Next is our analysis phase. Here we’ll carry out some audits, including:

  • A technical SEO audit
  • A website quality audit
  • An on-page audit

All of these audit results gives us an insight into the present state of your SEO and tell us how we can take it to the next level!

We’ll also be conducting keyword research and checking out the websites of any current competitors. As a specialist SEO team, we know the strategies that will give you the results you’re looking for.

Important things to consider when looking for an SEO Company:

These days it’s quite easy to find cheap SEO services, however, it’s essential to make sure you pick the right one. To get the best and most effective search engine results, SEO practices have to be done correctly.

A good SEO company understands how search engines, such as Google, work and which techniques and strategies it likes. You need what’s known as “white hat SEO.” These are SEO techniques and strategies that respect the rules of search engines.

For example, “keyword stuffing” is when you try to fit as many keywords in as possible. Google and other search engines don’t like this and they’ll give you a telling off by penalising your website with low rankings. This can seriously hurt your business’ credibility, so avoid it at all costs!

By working within white hat SEO practices, you’ll be creating content that delivers value for your customers. This makes the search engine’s algorithm happy, meaning your website will rank higher.

With that said, you may also stumble across “black hat SEO” practices. Be very wary of this as it’s unethical and essentially aims to fool the search engine. These practices rarely work in the long term and it can even result in your website being removed from the search results altogether!

Benefits of seeking Professional SEO Services For Your Company's digital presence

When it comes to a successful website, don’t underestimate the power of good SEO services. Top SEO strategies could be the difference between you ranking high in a google search, or getting lost at the bottom of the search engine pile.

That’s not where you want to be and ranking poorly is not good for your business or your customers. You want digital marketing strategies that draw your customers in because of your exceptional content.

That’s what Google and other browsers want as well, so if you can achieve this you can be sure your website will be favoured and ranked highly!

These are just some of the benefits you can expect from good SEO services:

  • Draw in bigger customers
  • Better national exposure
  • Get ahead of your competitors
  • Diversify your leads and gain new ones each week
  • Improved Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Your website will be ranked higher, thus instilling trust in customers
  • With more traffic comes more inquiries, leading to more sales

How long does search engine optimisation take to integrate?

Unfortunately, effective SEO campaigns do take time and it can take even longer to actually notice results. We understand it’s not easy to be patient, you probably want to see improvements straight away.

You may even wonder if the strategies are working because you haven’t become inundated with new leads within a couple of days or weeks. However, the long term results you’ll see from good SEO services are well worth the wait!

Whichever SEO strategies you’re using, you need to allow time before you start seeing changes. But how long do you have to wait? Generally, you can expect to see improvements in traffic and search engine rankings in around 3-6 months.

Keep in mind though that this will depend on a few factors, such as how old your site is, its history with Google and whether it’s ever received penalties.

Why SEO is so important

The key to understanding why SEO is essential to your business is understanding that it’s made up of different elements and how those elements work. Essentially, SEO is important because it makes sure your website is more visible.

In turn, this means you’ll have more traffic coming to your site and more chances of converting visitors into buyers. Not only that but SEO is an invaluable tool for increasing brand awareness.

It also helps you build relationships with prospective clients and positions you as a trustworthy and reputable brand in your industry.

What is an SEO service?

SEO services are what an SEO company will offer to help businesses improve their digital presence and make it easier for potential clients to find them.

Thanks to these online marketing services, any business can improve its visibility on Google and other browsers.

What do SEO services include?

Now that we’ve established what SEO services are, let’s take a look at what these services should include. Although every agency works differently, you want to choose an SEO company that provides a complete package.

An SEO audit is one of the first things that should be carried out. This takes a detailed look at your current website and what state it’s in. It tells your provider how much work they’ve got to do!

Next, a competitor analysis should be carried out. This should be done no matter how niche your website is. This analysis allows your SEO provider to detect offline and online competitors.

This can help your website find out and benefit from your competitor’s weaknesses. SEO services should also include on and off-page optimisation, monthly reports and link-building.

How do search engines rank companies?

A search engine is there to find, understand and organise content on the internet, to offer users the most relevant results for what they’re searching for.

For your website to appear in the search results, your content has to be visible to the search engine. If it’s not, your business or e-commerce site will never show up in a google search.

A search engine will work in three stages:

  1. Crawling: It uses “spiders” that crawl through websites and online content. They look over the code for each website URL they find and store the information for the search engine to index.
  2. Indexing: It stores and organises the information found through the crawling stage. When a page has been stored in the index, it’s in line to be shown as a result of relevant searches.
  3. Ranking: This is where the search engine provides the relevant content that will offer the user the most value. The content will be listed with the most relevant at the top, the spot where every business aims to be!

How much do SEO services cost?

This can vary a lot and it all depends on your business needs and how much work there is to do to make sure your website is fully optimized. If a company is charging you just £50, that should raise red flags!

SEO services this cheap will not offer you any value. If yours is a small business, poor quality SEO will probably hurt your rankings more than no SEO at all!

For mid-level services, you could expect to pay around £750-£2000 per month. If you want to rank highly, a high-end comprehensive SEO package is what you need. For this, you can expect to invest around £3500+ per month. This can vary between agencies though so keep this in mind.

High-quality SEO services are an investment and in the long term, they’re worth every penny!

How can social media improve my SEO presence?

Did you know social media can also improve your SEO rankings? Although social media doesn’t directly affect your rankings, any links that you share on social networks will boost your brand exposure.

When you share your posts on socials, your readers boost your content by sharing it. This increases your site’s visibility and improves the flow of traffic.

It also notifies the search engine that your website’s credible and valuable, thus improving your rankings.

Whats the difference between pay-per-click & SEO?

The difference between Search Engine Optimisation and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is that the traffic generated by SEO is organic and free, whereas PPC isn’t free. As the name suggests, you have to pay a fee per click.

In simple terms, with SEO you can get your online presence in the top positions by making sure it’s correctly optimised for a search engine. With PPC you can get a first-page position by paying for each click, which can be quite expensive.

Are there any contracts to SEO?

We have a 12-month contract on all of our SEO campaigns. If you have any questions or queries about our SEO marketing services, contact us today for a complimentary consultation and see how we can help you!