10 Fun Google Tricks

10 Fun Google Tricks You Should Know

To many people, Google is a search engine that can yield billions of search results within a matter of seconds. Although Google puts quality search results at the forefront of its business model, this does not mean that the company does not have an element of fun. SEO‘s love google tricks, here are our favourites:

Regardless of whether you are a fan of nostalgia, easter eggs or gimmicks, you can be confident that there is a Google trick for you.

Over the years Google has made additions to the search engine that allows people to have some fun and perform some tricks. The following is an overview of some of the fun inclusions Google has made to its search engines that will help you impress friends at home and colleagues at work.

Play a Classic Game of ‘Breakout’ Complete with Atari Aesthetic

Given how complex and expensive video game consoles can be today, it is understandable that some want to revisit simpler times. Fortunately, this is now possible by implementing using Google. Simple type ‘Atari breakout’ into google and then select images, and you will be instantly transported to a classic game of ‘Breakout.’

Rather than listening to trolls and downloading patches that take a lifetime to install, those looking for a video game fix can do so immediately thanks to this fun Google trick.

Peck Away at Pills with the Pacman Doodle

Anyone who is an avid follower of Google will be familiar with Doodles. Doodles are changes that are made to the Google homepages to celebrate holidays and anniversaries, and past doodles have included tributes to artists and public figures.

Google also created a Doodle that celebrated the 30th anniversary of everyone’s favourite pill-chomper, Pac-Man. As a result, those on the Google platform can play a full game of Pacman within their browser by searching for “Pacman Doodle.

Given you can also play the classic game of “Breakout using the search engine, it won’t be long before you have a series of keystrokes that will have you reliving the retro days of video gaming within seconds. Just be careful your productivity doesn’t suffer as a result. This is one of our favourite Google tricks.

Bewitch Nosy People with the Google Barrel Roll

Are you attempting to carry out an online search but feel like someone is always looking over your shoulder? Then why not bewitch those interested in your business with a barrel roll. Much of the appeal off Google stems from its simple interface and carrying out a barrel roll could not be any easier.

To perform the trick, type “do a barrel roll” into Google and the screen will perform a 360-degree rotation. If once is not enough, then why not ask it to do it ten times, or one hundred. Those attempting to pry on your search results will be soon be turned dizzy, plus it is significant fun to try out when online searches exhaust you.

Find Out the Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything

Google has been pleasing the sci fi community for several years, and there are plenty of online easter eggs that pay tributed to some of the greatest works ever created, such as “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.”

As well as being released as a book in 1981 by Douglas Adams, the work has also been translated into other media, including comics and movies.

Google pays tribute to this sci fi classic when users type in “what is the answer to life, the universe and everything?” where they will be met with the iconic answer, “42.”

Although you have to be a fan of the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” to appreciate this nod, it is still a fun addition to the ever-growing list of Google easter eggs.

Make Your Search Engine Results Askew with this Google trick

If carrying out a barrel roll sounds too much, then fear not, as the tricks that can be performed with Google are in abundance. True, some are more extreme than others, but this does not mean that there are not hours of fun to be had by some of the obscure tasks Google can carry out in alignment with its everyday search results.

While not as bombastic as the barrel roll, making a page slightly askew can still be fun, and is as simple as typing “askew” into Google. 

Play an Original Game with Google In the Form of Zergrush

Fans of the Internet will already know that there are millions if not billions of games that can be played online, but some can be more alluring than others. While many enjoy a game of Minesweeper or Solitaire, others may be looking for something unique.

Fortunately, Google is not short of surprises and users can experience some gamification in conjunction with their online searches.

Typing “Zergrush” into Google will unleash a series of “o’s” that need to be clicked on before reaching your search results. Should you fail to click the falling letters in time, you will see you search results disappear as the “o’s” encounter them.

Time Travel and Visit Google of the Past

There is no denying that many will take Google for granted and be unaware of its humble beginnings back in the nineties. However, those intrigued what the Google of yesteryear was like can find out by typing “Google in 1998” will be met with the same page those in the nineties will have been greeted with, only a lot faster.

Of course, it is not only the intrigued that can enjoy this fun trick on offer from Google, as those using the Internet since the early days can also deploy this trick to relish a quick nostalgia hit.

Many are amazed to discover just how far the search engine has come when it comes to innovating the way search results are displayed. 

Be Sent on an Endless Loop When Searing for “Recursion”

There are some people that could find the concept of going around in circles frustrating, but those that like to embrace infinite loops can do so with ease by typing “recursion” into google.

When searching for the term, you will be met with the familiar “did you mean” option, which will then send in to you an endless loop of search results, fitting in with the recursion theme perfectly.

Defy Gravity with Google

Although many adore the layout of the Google homepage, there may be others wanting to experiment with the search engine. If you have ever wondered what Google would like without gravity, then why not find out by entering “Google gravity” into the search engine. This is one of the more memorable Google tricks listed in our blog.

After entering the search time, users will be met with a floaty experience that showcases the homepage as if gravity were not present. Not the most productive way of working, but a lot of fun, nonetheless.

Find Out More About the Cast of “Friends”

One of the remarkable things about Google is that you can search for anything, including information on your favourite television show. However, Google is always to aid those searching for information on their favourite popular culture, and the TV series “Friends” is no exception.

Friends first hit screens in 1994 and enjoyed an astonishing 10 seasons before ending in 2004. Within that time, people all over the world built a close relationship with the characters and have been devoted fans ever since.

The 25th anniversary of the show was celebrated in 2019, and to pay tribute Google created a series of profiles for each of the five main characters of the show. Searching for the different characters will display a mini biography of the character, along with some fun icons that help describe the personality of the character.

If you a fan of the comedy and want to add more knowledge to your repertoire, then why not try it out today and search for some of your favourite “Friends” characters today.

The tricks listed showcase what Google is capable of, and while some tricks may appear simple on the surface, it does show that a sense of humour can work wonders regarding engagement. The reason some tricks listed have been popular is simply due to the clever way they have been implemented.

But taking notice of anniversaries and notable occasions Google has been able to build a closer relationship with users, thus instilling more trust in the long-term.

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