10 Best Web Designs

10 of the Best Website Designs According to the Internet

Depending on your online goals, the design chosen for a website can vary. However, there is nothing wrong in drawing some inspiration from some websites that have proved to be popular with online users.

Not all websites offer the experience the modern online user is wanting, so it is important to know what to look out for when searching for inspiration regarding website design.

Although there needs to be originality integrated into the design of the website, it is also important that people like the way it looks and enjoy the user experience. Although there is no right or wrong approach to website design, it is important that the theme of the website matches that of the business.

The following websites have been deemed inspiring for a series of different reasons. For some, it is their ability to offer a simple interface, whereas others will instil an innovative design that helps create a seamless user experience.



Anyone that enjoys travelling may already be aware of the dominant force in the industry that is Airbnb. As well as offering a novel solution to affordable lodgings, the success of the business can also be attributed to the exception ease of use the website offers.

For example, the prime goal of Airbnb is to connect those with accommodation with travellers, and the reason Airbnb can be counted among the best websites is its clear call-to-action, which ensures users are finding their perfect dwellings within minutes, while enjoy some inspiration along the way.

The website design employed by Airbnb can be considered an extension of the brand itself, which wants to create a better-connected world that allows for more opportunities.

When considering website design, it is easy to assume that all the focus should be on the aesthetics, but the website design of Airbnb showcases the importance of finding the organic connection and instilling this into the overall design.



Despite the music industry thriving, it is also extremely competitive, so being able to engage the user as soon as possible is of the utmost importance. Not only does Feed deliver an IP management platform that blends intelligent software and digital security, but also takes visitors on an immersive tour of the company’s mission.

Each section of the website is presented in a way that takes you on a journey without being overwhelming, allowing you to garner a better idea off the company’s vision and the procedures being put in place to achieve this.

ETQ Amsterdam


When you think of immersive and aesthetically impressive websites, many people will conjure up images of Silicon Valley technology companies, but more and more companies are becoming aware of how important the right online presence is. The perfect example of this can be seen within the design of the ETQ Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam shoe company could have settled on a basic e-commerce design but have gone the extra mile to ensure that the website is free of clutter with alluring product pictures perfectly animated to lure in new orders with ease.

Standing out among the crowd in the ecommerce space can be considered complex, and with other recognised brands investing millions in their advertising ETQ Amsterdam proof that having an understanding of the experience it wants users to have allows for more flexibility regarding the website design.



Sasaki is a design firm that specialises in several services that include but are not limited to architecture, interior design and civil engineering. Given the company has over 65 years’ experience within the industry, it should come as no surprise that the innovative and creative vision has been intertwined into its website design.

Simple animations compliment smooth transitions that allow people to peruse several projects carried out in the past, as well as ascertain the ethos of the company.

A24 Films


When considering website design, it can be difficult to decide on the appropriate balance concerning videos and images. Although there can be room for both, this does mean that the content could be too overwhelming. Fortunately, A24 Films has found a solution in presenting bold images that convert to video when clicked on.

A24 Films is an entertainment company, and its clever use of visual imagery has ensured the media on offer is making the right impression first time.

Many will have heard that images and videos on a website is a must, and while this is true, those looking to make the right impression also need to lure people to the media, which can only be done with professional website design and an open mind.



FPP is all about creating actionable shopper marketing solutions, and this is captured in the design of the website which takes visitors on a virtual overview of the services it provides, which is cleverly presented in the form of a supermarket.

There is even clever use of visuals cues in the form of a pineapple, that prove anything is possible when being creative with website design. The infrastructure of the website ensures visitors click onto the nest section of the website while delivering information in digestible chunks.

Even those who operate in the supermarket sector on a professional level can be overwhelmed bu the level of information that needs to be considered, which is what makes the website design behind FPP so appealing.



Not everyone is aware of the carbon footprint left behind by the production of seafood, but as more people are keen to become more knowledge about the impact of food production, websites likes Finprint do an amazing job of delivering factual information in a way that is easy to understand.

Gamification helps explain the ramifications of purchasing seafood and the illustrations help ensure users remain engaged with finding out more about the carbon emissions of seafood production.

Finprint offers its users a simple but effective platform that sets aside the politics of the subject matter and provides facts about how different fish and catching methods affect the carbon footprint as a whole.

Nest Wifi


Home connectivity means we have greater control of our dwellings as lighting and heating can be controlled with a few simple swipes. One of the most prominent brands in the connectivity industry is Nest, and there should come as no surprise as it falls under the Google umbrella.

Nest Wifi allows customers to control a series of devices that include but are not limited to streaming devices, speakers, thermostats and doorbells.

Not only does Nest show the various products available, it also showcases how the different products available work and what benefits they can offer consumers.

Woven Magazine


Media and publishing are sectors where the right type of website design is a must, and the perfect example of what to expect from a media website in the modern age can be seen with the Woven Magazine website design.

A clutter-free experience is aligned with an intrusive-free user experience that ensures users are absorbing the information contained within the website easily. Media is made up of clean images, video thumbnails and engaging articles to ensure a repeat visit is a guaranteed.



Preparing food is considered an art, especially among top chefs. Koox is a takeaway service designed in partnership with some of the finest chefs in London. The innovative and creative approach of the business is reflected in the alluring website design.

A series of beautiful illustrations help explain the story of the business, while the website itself is primed to ensure that shoppers can easily access top-quality food and premium coffee easily.

Simple but alluring illustrations detail what Koox is all about, while the menu is partnered with charming animations that help the product descriptions stand out.

The ten websites listed showcase just how effective website design can be. When creating a website for the first time it is easy to assume that DIY options are good enough, and in the early days they can be. However, to be able to engage with the audience, there must be focus put on the finer details of the website design.

As such, it is not only the aesthetics of the website that are important, but also the user experience and the loading speed of the website. As well as delivering an exceptional experience for users, the finer details also ensure there is more likelihood of ranking higher in search results.

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