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Adam Collins is the driving force behind Ignite SEO. With a wealth of experience and a track record of success, Adam is at the forefront of Ignite SEO, guiding businesses towards online growth and visibility.

He embarked on his journey into the world of SEO over a decade ago, making him a seasoned expert with plenty of hands-on experience.

Before founding Ignite SEO in August 2020, Adam worked as a website developer. Then, successfully established himself as a successful agency owner with two full-service agencies, running one for six years. After exiting this, he started Ignite SEO, fuelled with the knowledge that customers need a specialist in one core competency and not just a jack of all trades. To learn more about his journey check out the dedicated Adam Collins website. Ignite SEO check out our about page.

By staying at the forefront of SEO trends and algorithm updates, Adam ensures that Ignite SEO clients receive solutions that consistently deliver results. He has a proven track record of working with a diverse range of clients, from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to large corporations. His expertise has translated into dependable online exposure, higher revenues, and business growth for these companies.

Beyond his role as an agency owner and SEO specialist, he has a published kindle book on Amazon, which you can check out here:

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Adam Collins SEO Consultant
Founder of Ignite SEO Adam Collins

SEO Speaker

Adam Collins is not just an expert in the field of SEO; he’s a passionate advocate for its transformative power, and he shares this passion through his dynamic public speaking engagements. With a natural flair for communication and an in-depth understanding of the digital landscape, Adam has become a sought-after speaker at industry conferences, seminars, and events.

His presentations are more than just talks; they are immersive experiences that delve deep into the intricacies of SEO. Adam has a unique ability to break down complex topics into digestible insights, making even the most advanced SEO strategies accessible to audiences of all levels. Whether he’s debunking myths in “The Truth about SEO and Link Building Seminar” or revealing trade secrets in “The Power of SEO Masterclass,” attendees walk away with actionable knowledge and a renewed enthusiasm for the field.

Beyond the stage, Adam continues to educate and inspire through his YouTube channel, Adam Collins SEO, where he regularly uploads insightful presentations and discussions on the latest in SEO. His commitment to sharing knowledge and elevating the industry is evident in every video, seminar, and masterclass he delivers.

Dive into Adam’s world of SEO expertise by exploring his masterclasses and seminars Join the community of professionals who’ve been enlightened by his innovative approaches and strategies.

SEO Seminar By Adam Collins SEO

Learn Interesting Facts About Adam Collins SEO

Dive deep into the journey and achievements of a renowned SEO expert.

Favourite Film

Adam’s favourite film is without doubt “The Wolf Of Wall Street”.

Go-to karaoke song

Having been a singer in a band, Adam loves Karaoke. His favourite karaoke song is “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”

Favourite book

Adam’s favourite book is Harry Potter. “You are a wizard Harry.”

Favourite joke

We believe in open communication, ensuring our clients are always informed and confident in our strategies and actions.

Favourite sport

Adam’s favourite sport is football, and supports Coventry City Football Club. PUSB ⚽

Favourite event

Adam frequently attends Glastonbury. When he can get tickets at least.

Coffee or tea

It’s all about black coffee. However, my ideal start to the day is an Iced Latte & black coffee. Leaves you fully caffeinated.

First job

Adam’s first job was as a web designer for a large web agency in Rugby, UK.

Our Core Values Driving Our SEO Excellence & Innovation

At Ignite SEO, these guiding principles shape our every move, ensuring unparalleled service and results.

Outcome-Driven Excellence

We prioritise tangible results, ensuring every action aligns with our clients’ desired outcomes.

Process-Driven Evolution

We adhere to our proven SEO Success Framework while embracing continuous learning, ensuring our methods are both structured and at the forefront of industry advancements.

Innovative Thinking

In the ever-evolving world of SEO, we champion creativity and forward-thinking strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

Integrity and Transparency

We believe in open communication, ensuring our clients are always informed and confident in our strategies and actions.

Collaborative Growth

We view our relationship with clients as a partnership, working together to achieve mutual success and growth.

Igniting growth, fueling success, ensuring our clients online presence burns brighter than ever before.