Best Backlink Checker

Best Backlink Checker

A backlink is a link to your website from some other website that points to your website. Backlinks serve a similar function to votes in the perspective of search engines when it comes to your website. The greater the number of links pointing to your website, the better the likelihood that your site will rank in search engines.

Backlinks, however, are not all created equal. The best backlinks are those that come from large, well-established websites. Spammy links or backlinks, or questionable websites may harm your website’s performance. Following the installation of a WordPress SEO plugin such as All in One SEO or Yoast and implementing recommended practices, the next step is to develop link building strategies that are both effective and efficient.

There are many methods for obtaining backlinks to your website. However, the process begins with a backlink checker to examine the backlinks that already exist for your site and those that your rivals have. There are several good backlink checkers. However, the best backlink checker to use is SEMRUSH, and this post gives all the details on why semrush is the best backlink checker.

SEMRush is a search engine optimisation tool.

When it comes to backlink checker tools, we suggest SEMRush as the best option. Rank Tracker is one of the most powerful keyword research tools available on the market, and it comes with a variety of sophisticated features for analysing backlinks.

To take advantage of the backlink capabilities, go into SEMRush and navigate to the ‘Backlink Analytics’ section, where you may enter the website name you wish to examine. A plethora of information about the website and its backlinks will be shown after that.

Using SEMRush to do backlink analysis

Search engine ranking tool (SEMrush) allows you to examine what inbound links your site has, which may assist you in identifying any problems such as low-quality links. In reality, SEMRush makes it simple to discover how many total connections a page linked to you has by providing you with a link count. If a page has hundreds of links, this may suggest that the website is a spammer’s site.

Using SEMRush, you can find out which high-authority websites are connecting to your rivals, which keywords they’re ranking for and far more information about their backlinks. This may provide you with a comprehensive list of websites to target for your link building efforts.

How well a site appears in search results is highly dependent on the number of ‘backlinks’ – other websites that connect to it. Semrush offers two methods for examining backlinks: the first is to do a ‘backlink analysis,’ and the other is to conduct a ‘backlink audit.

Semrush’s ‘Backlink Analytics’ feature allows you to input a domain name and see a list of any backlinks to it. Additionally, you may utilise this area to view:

Every backlink’s anchor text: Distribution of top-level domains (the number,.org, links on your site, for example)

Details about the IP addresses of backlinks: All of the data is presented plainly, and it enables you to see when a site has acquired or lost backlinks, as well as the worth of the connections in question. You may utilise this data to optimise your SEO efforts or get insight into a rival’s.

Of course, the accuracy of Semrush’s backlink analysis is contingent upon the quantity and quality of its link database.

Benefits of Using Semrush for Backlink Checking

1. Discover Backlinks to Subdomains

This may be accomplished similarly by putting the subdomain URL into the SEMRush search box. It enables you to monitor backlinks and the success of each subdomain and how it contributes to their total link profile, providing insight into where to concentrate your link building efforts. You may have a rival with a high number of links to their on-site material but few links to their blog, indicating link opportunities for you to produce high-quality blog content to compete in rankings.

Ahrefs does not have a subdomain (that I am aware of), therefore for the sake of openness, below is the information for the Majestic blog subdomain:

2. Locate Hyperlinks To Specific URLs

You may even be very precise by targeting a single piece of content or page on your competitor’s website. You can also see how many people are connecting to it and who is linking to it. Include the HTTP:// to ensure that the backlink tool looks for data unique to the page:

3. URL specific search

This is perfect if you’re seeking to develop material that fits a particular backlink, apply the skyscraper technique, or already have content that fits a link better.

4. Enables backlinks Analysis For Five Different Domains

The Backlink Comparison tool allows you to compare the backlink profile of five various websites simultaneously. You may access it using the following procedure:

Backlinks > Backlink Comparison

Select four competing domains (it’s a wise option also to include your own) and input them into the tool. Click Compare. This will bring up a table comparing each site. This will provide you with an overview of each site in one location.

Each result is colour-coded to indicate who is doing the best, worst, and equal footing in each category.

5. Provides information on Connecting options and keyword possibilities

Following that, the software gives details on connecting possibilities, keywords, and rivals. This enables you to save a considerable amount of time when searching for resources for backlink creation and assists you in selecting relevant sites with a high reputation.

There is also a Bulk Backlinks Analysis, a tool that enables you to examine up to 200 different websites simultaneously. When there is no need for a thorough study of many rivals, the tool saves a significant amount of time. However, it is necessary to have a broad view of a speciality or sector as a whole. Marketing analysts and others that deal with statistical data will benefit the most from this solution.

Additional features offered by Semrush

The following is a list of the most often used SEMrush backlink tools that you can use daily to assist you with your marketing efforts.

Keyword research

SEMrush might assist you in identifying and targeting new keywords for which you wanted to rank, as well as highlighting phrases for which your customers’ websites were already ranking.

SEMrush has a plethora of backlink analysis tools to assist users in researching keywords and blog post ideas. You’ll discover many keywords to use in your content creation, whether it’s via the new Keyword Magic tool, the Topic Research tool, or the Organic Research tool, among other link checker tools.

Keyword magic tool

This is my favourite tool in the SEMrush package for keyword research. Indeed, it is my all-time favourite keyword research tool.

With over two million keywords stored in its database, you’re sure to discover plenty of relevant terms for your company. Additionally, if you’re assisting several customers or your company has various aspects, you may build up to 50 target keyword lists.

Position Tracking tool

Once you’ve determined which keywords you’d want to monitor (whether you currently have pages dedicated to them or intend to create some), you’ll want to add them to the position tracking tool.

You’ll get weekly reports on how you and your rivals are doing for the keywords you’re interested in.

Another very interesting feature is that it will display all of the different SERP Features that the term triggers and who owns those SERP Features.

You may examine the individual sites that rank for those keywords to see whether they might be improved. You may observe your rivals’ landing pages to get inspiration for your own.

Domain Overview tool

You are not limited to keyword research using SEMrush. Additionally, you may discover a wealth of information about your website, including the phrases for which you currently rank.

Sometimes, you are unaware of the keywords that drive visitors to your site or the amount of traffic those phrases generate.

Using the Domain Overview tool, you may collect information on your domain by entering the root domain name.

Pros and Cons of Semrush


SEMRush has several unique features, including auditing, backlink checking and link building tools. It provides a comprehensive checklist of on-page SEO improvements, while the second tool offers a high-quality “CRM” type technique for generating backlinks. It has an excellent content marketing toolkit.


At times, you may easily become overwhelmed by the wealth of information provided by SEMrush.

Other Best Backlink Checkers

1. LinkMiner

The LinkMiner backlinks tool is a helpful tool for finding backlinks. LinkMiner is a program that is primarily intended to examine backlinks. Because it is a Mangools tool, you will need to have a Mangools account to access it.

LinkMiner, like other programs, allows you to filter links based on whether they are nofollow, removed, new, or lost. One feature you’d like to experiment with is the option to ‘favourite’ backlinks so that you can return to them quickly in the future. This may be an excellent method of creating a shortlist of backlinks from rivals to target.

Alternatively, you may take advantage of this function to hunt out any of the broken backlinks that you want to correct—creating a list of lost backlinks that you wish to focus on regaining may be beneficial to you.

When compared to SEMRush, LinkMiner is less expensive and offers fewer features. However, if you’re on a limited budget, this is a good choice.

You’ll probably want to use it combined with Mangools’ SiteProfiler to get more information about a site’s backlinks, such as the overall number of backlinks and top referring domains.

2. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a web-based application developed by Neil Patel. The primary tool has keyword research capabilities. However, there is a Backlinks tool that you can use to see the specifics of the backlinks pointing to your site.

Ubersuggest offers characteristics that are comparable to those of the other programs we’ve been examining. For example, it may display new backlinks, backlinks that have been lost, which backlinks have been designated as nofollow, and other information.

Ubersuggest’s additional features may help you analyse traffic and develop keyword and content suggestions, among other things.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is yet another very effective keyword research tool. It’s simple to use, much like SEMRush. It will provide you with an overview of your selected domain, and you will be able to dig down to see a plethora of backlink information.

Ahrefs also makes it very simple to identify backlinks that have been dropped. These are links that you used to have but have since been removed. For example, it’s possible that the website owner removed the page that included your link.

You may also detect broken backlinks using this method. 404 errors are links that lead to your site but use an incorrect URL that directs visitors to your 404 error page. You may need to contact the site’s owner to get them fixed.

When analysing your rivals’ backlinks, you may sort them according to the ‘Link type’ and identify websites you wish to target for your marketing efforts.

4. Moz Pro

The Link Explorer tool is part of Moz Pro, a package of SEO tools from Moz that includes several other products.

Link Explorer can provide you with a comprehensive link profile of your website that you can then compare with the link profiles of up to four rivals simultaneously. This allows you to find out what they may be doing differently than you are doing it.

The site also has a helpful feature known as Connect Intersect, which allows you to examine which websites link to your rivals but do not link to you. These are excellent websites to target for link building purposes.

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