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At Ignite SEO, we take your business seriously because we know how important it is for you to see your company succeed. Consequently, our team will ensure that your company receives the recognition it deserves, gains market recognition and grows into a more prominent brand. To connect with a massive number of web visitors, we use on-page and off-page strategies; the more people visit your website, the more potential clients you’ll have.

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SEO Success Framework

Our SEO success framework is definitely what your business needs to rank high on search engines today. Our team of experts knows how to use all the right strategies to help you understand your competitors.

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO is about turning to those vital components that enhance a site’s overall performance is essential to improving your website online above and above your competition.

Google My Business Optimisation

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an essential part of SEO. It is the process by which we research popular search terms users type into search engines and include them strategically in your content so that your content appears higher on a search engine results page (SERP).

Grow Traffic

Content Marketing

Following the invention of viable keywords, content marketing takes over. We utilise tools like surfer SEO to confirm that we are generating the best SEO-optimized content for our SEO Aberdeen customers. This enables us to get content that’s higher than your rivals.

Increase Revenue

Link Building

Since external relationships in Google and alternative powerful search engines (also known as backlinks) are among the most ranking criteria, it’s one of the foremost essential factors for SEOs to get quality backlinks. This includes promoting quality content, contacting other sites, building links with web admins, registering websites to their various online directories, and obtaining the press to link from other sites.

Improve Rankings

Transparent Reporting

Transparent reporting gets rid of such troubles and problems completely. It’s far more about ensuring that you and your search engine optimisation agency have an excellent bond. This is achieved by providing that each aspect has access to current data, making it less difficult to assess overall performance. There can be no changes or improvements without your knowledge.

We Get Results

Working with several successful companies and businesses has given us the experience and confidence to know which marketing strategy works best and how we can apply it to your business. Our SEO strategy enables us to produce good results for all our clients.

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SEO can help you get position 1 rankings in Aberdeen.

Our Customers Love Us

With over ten years of experience, our SEO company has gained the trust of many. We are experts in what we do, and customer satisfaction is our main priority. Our SEO process guarantees success, and with our unique approach to SEO, many potential clients will notice your business online.

Customer Feedback

Proven SEO Success Framework

With our proven SEO success framework, you can get to the top of Google’s 1st page. We are a well-known and skilled agency; this means we know the right strategies to use and produce results. It’s time to rump up your SEO efforts with Ignite SEO.

SEO Success Framework

About Us

We are a digital marketing company helping businesses thrive throughout the pandemic and beyond. We aim to help small and big business owners understand what customers search for when they go online. This allows you to give them high-quality content published on a visible, fully optimised website to make your services easily accessible to your potential customers.

Having a robust online presence is essential when running a business, especially with this coronavirus pandemic that has restricted many companies in various ways. Our professional SEO services will help you build a robust online presence and drive more traffic to your website. Our SEO agency in Aberdeen is definitely what your business needs today to have a strong online presence.

We cover the whole of Scotland including:

What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimisation) can be described as the act of improving the quantity and quality of traffic flow, which will be driven to your website via natural search engine results. This means that the moment someone looks for something online, anything that has to do with your industry, there will be a boost in your business’s online visibility. With this visibility, you are assured that you will have visitors that may become customers. That’s how the whole concept of SEO works, boosting your online advantage to have a good ranking; something that makes the searchers believe that you are a reliable source and expand you as a business.

Why is SEO important?

Visibility and rankings

This plays a massive role as most users will only go for the first page and the first results after their search. When your business is among these pages, it means that you have a better chance of having more visitors, and you can expand your business.

Web traffic

This will bring you more business as it will be easy for people to locate and find you; SEO will guarantee that your page maintains its position. You will be in a better place to make more sales than those not using SEO in their business.


Internet users will always trust the results that pop up after a search. You may have relevant information or even better goods and services, but it is tough for people to trust and believe you when your page is at the bottom of the results pages. The more you get good positions on search engines like Google and Bing, you will know that you are a bigger brand.

User experience

Making everything simple makes it easy to find out information and other services you offer as a business. This information that the users find is improved and given out based on what the users like, which gives them an excellent experience that will make them prefer visiting your website as it is straightforward to use.


A website that is on top of Google’s page can easily be shared by people on social media and other platforms, which is a plus as it brings you more visitors, and the more people are coming to your website, it means you will also make revenue. This will help your business grow and become a reliable brand.

How can SEO benefit you?

The main benefit of SEO is that it increases your website’s visibility in the search engines by improving your rankings. Since SEO involves optimising your on-site and off-site content with relevant keywords that get a lot of searches, it improves your ranks in the search result pages for those keywords.

Our Proven SEO Success Framework

With our proven SEO success framework, you can get to the top of Google’s 1st page. We are a well-known and skilled agency; this means we know the right strategies to use and produce results. It’s time to rump up your SEO efforts with Ignite SEO.


Any project that does not start with a plan is doomed to fail. Planning is essential for any SEO service, setting up the project to facilitate its future success. During the “Plan” phase of our SEO framework, you will be required to complete a “New Client Discovery Questionnaire” so our team clearly understands your business objectives. Behind the scenes, our team will be conducting data analysis & competitor research while preparing for your kickoff meeting.

Performance Analysis

Before undertaking any new SEO, we must understand where your business is currently standing. Understanding your historical performance will also help guide our strategy. We look at SEO data from GSC, Google Analytics & AHREFS.

Onboarding Questionnaire

Nobody else knows your business better than you do. For this reason, all our clients are required to answer an onboarding questionnaire, so our team is fully aware of your companies strengths & weaknesses.

Competitive Analysis

Our analysts will spend time reviewing the top performing websites in your industry. Understanding what makes one website succeed & another struggle is vital information for the campaign.

Kickoff Call

Now we have reviewed your current performance, analysed your competitors & understand your businesses strengths and weakness from the onboarding questionnaire; we are ready to discuss a way forward with you.


In this phase, we take a look at each information accumulated in the planning stage. This consists of your competitor’s records, marketplace studies and your company’s overall performance. We conduct extensive keyword research on your target topics, use machine learning algorithms to cluster keywords & produce a unique Project Roadmap that will act as your content strategy for the coming campaign.

Technical Audit

Not all websites are built to rank well in Google; almost all completely ignore Google guidelines. This is why we run a technical audit on the site to find any issues before they become a problem.

Local SEO Audit

Our local SEO customers will receive a complete local SEO audit of their Google My Business. Our team will look at several core ranking factors, report back on the findings & create a regional strategy to help improve local visibility.

Keyword Research

At Ignite SEO, everything we do is data-driven; there is no point optimising your website for keywords that are either unachievable or not searched at all. We undertake keyword research to find primary & secondary keywords to target as part of the Project Roadmap.

Key Gap Analysis

Often your competitors will have pages & blogs driving traffic to their website that you do not. We analyse your direct competitors to discover new opportunities for pages on your website.

Project Roadmap Strategy

We will set up your tailored “Project Roadmap” to understand which keywords to optimise for. Your roadmap acts as an agreed-upon strategy that helps keep track of monthly deliverables.


The “Create” phase of the SEO Success Framework is powered by the data collected in earlier stages & is where we take ACTION on your agreed “Project Roadmap”. This will often consist of new pages being added to the site or existing pages being audited, expanded & improved. At Ignite SEO, we use AI tech & data to determine how long a piece of content should be, which words to use & how many times. We use this data to make your content shine. All information is extracted from your competition who rank in the top positions.

New Content

Topical relevance is a crucial aspect of SEO. If there are topics your competitors are speaking about & you are not, there is a gap in content that needs to be filled to compete in Google. This helps build relevance &, most importantly, drive new traffic to the website.

Social Fortress

Social media is also essential in online marketing since it helps ensure that your website is relevant in search engines. We write content, create posts and share them on various social media platforms.

GMB optimisation

Optimising your Google My Business profile is critical for local SEO rankings. After we perform the SEO strategy, the first thing we do is double-check that your GBM is complete.


Here we will identify and test a wide range of websites related to your industry and search parameters. Then, during the link prospecting process, we will personally approach the relevant websites to obtain links to their websites. The link outreach and prospecting procedures are undoubtedly one of the most complex and most important parts of any SEO service; However, they are an essential part of the overall effectiveness of your SEO.

Prospecting Links

The right sort of connection or links can represent the deciding moment of your mission. We research your opposition and industry to decide the best connection types to focus on in the mission.

Link Outreach

Once we know who we want to target, SEO agency Ignite will link to the site with dozens of different potential website owners.

Press Release Distribution

When it comes to improving a website’s SEO ranking, press releases are a great marketing tactic. Public release distribution helps build your reputation, gain media attention, and therefore indirectly increase your SEO.

Building & Citation Audit

Citations are essential to increase the visibility of your business in search engines. A source is simply a reference to your business name, address, and telephone number (NAP). Our SEO experts will perform a full citation check as part of your SEO strategy, generating new quotes and providing insight.


Reporting is crucial in any SEO campaign; it ensures that you rank well in the search engine results and know of any minor changes made to your campaign. All of our SEO campaigns are based on the principles of transparency and honesty. We make sure to report everything back to your business in real-time. In this step, your business is also assigned a URL that takes you to your dashboard; the URL is unique.

Direct Reporting

All of our SEO campaigns in Aberdeen involve transparency. Our clients have a dashboard that lets you access and track metrics like organic traffic, conversions, running domains, keywords, and referring domains.

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Spending £1000 a month and having an ROI of £450,000 is a no-brainer. 75–100 phone calls a day via the site.

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All my leads come through the internet. That’s the highest praise we can say because all our turnover is related to SEO.

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Within 6 months our business was listed in the top three for our main keywords in what is a very competitive industry. I would certainly recommend Adam.

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Coventry Chiropractic Clinic

Within a very short period of time we were seeing greater traction with the strategy that they had implemented than in the whole year with two other firms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Competitor Analysis?

Competitor analysis is essentially an audit of what level of SEO is being performed ...

Competitor analysis is essentially an audit of what level of SEO is being performed by your website’s competitors in the top search ranking positions. So it involves first identifying top-ranking pages for a website’s target search terms and then analysing competitor content on those high-ranking pages to emulate and exceed what the competitors are doing well. It also includes a complete analysis of competitors’ backlinks to exceed what they are doing by crafting a better backlink profile. Competitor Analysis is often done in conjunction with Gap Analysis.

What Are Backlinks?

A backlink is a regular link from any website to your website. It links ...

A backlink is a regular link from any website to your website. It links back to your website, and so is a “vote” of the authority and reputation of your website. The essential thing to remember about backlinks is whether they add any SEO value.

How Long Does It Take To Rank on Google?

SEO takes time; it does not happen overnight. SEO requires ongoing attention and is ...

SEO takes time; it does not happen overnight. SEO requires ongoing attention and is definitely not a one-time thing. Your SEO campaign needs planning and readjusting to achieve and maintain search rankings, ROI, and overall traffic growth. Whether you want us to redesigning your site to be more SEO friendly or you want us to update your target keywords, every change we make can affect your SEO efforts by showing quantifiable results.

What Are Google's Most Important Ranking Factors?

Back in 2016, Google confirmed its top 3 ranking factors as links, content, and RankBrain. Therefore, ...

Back in 2016, Google confirmed its top 3 ranking factors as links, content, and RankBrain. Therefore, optimising for these factors means creating great content that other websites want to link to and that Google can understand as the best result for any search query done by users.