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Our SEO services are first and foremost focused on increasing the number of earnings generated by your company. Instead of just filling your website with keywords, we do an in-depth analysis of the industry and the primary services provided by your company and then utilize the information gained to create custom SEO strategies for your business. If your primary objective isn’t being met, there’s no sense in ranking higher on search engine results pages: more income.

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SEO Success Framework

We guarantee results on every project we work on. We know how crucial it is to see your company grow and get returns on your investments, and therefore we work hard to achieve just that for our clients. Our SEO success framework is like a compass that directs us to what your business needs to succeed.

Scale Up

Technical SEO

Boost your Google rankings by making changes to the back-end of your website, such as increasing page speed. We make it simpler for search engines to scan your website and index your content by correcting these mistakes. And when you make search engines delighted, your rankings may improve.

Google My Business Optimisation

Keyword Research

Ignite SEO is familiar with your industry and can help you rank better for specific search terms. SEO consultants will look at the keywords that are already doing well for your website, as well as the keywords you’d want to target, and then conduct further in-depth keyword research to come up with actionable keywords.

Grow Traffic

Content Marketing

We have a group of experts that will create SEO-friendly material, whether via the creation of shareable blog entries or the addition of new information to current service and product pages. It is very beneficial for search engines to see fresh material on a website frequently. Select our SEO company to assist you today!

Increase Revenue

Link Building

Links from other websites are essential for search engine ranking better in search results, but not just any link will do! Therefore, you should work with an SEO like ignite SEO, which has a specialized link-building team and relationships with many high-quality and relevant websites to maximize your results.

Improve Rankings

Transparent Reporting

If you’re interested in learning more about how we’re helping your site rank for specific keywords, check out our custom, in-depth reporting that includes 24/7 access to the web customer portal, Google Analytics reports that show you how well your site is performing and continuously updated keyword rankings.

We Get Results

We’ve been providing search engine optimization services to businesses for over a decade, helping them increase their online exposure, create more leads, and increase their revenue. Our tried-and-true SEO techniques and processes have yielded excellent results for many of our clients.

Local SEO Coventry
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Our Customers Love Us

Relationships and Results are the two main basic principles that guide our actions. Every customer is important to us, and that is our cornerstone. Our search engine optimization business believes in the importance of controlling the voice of our customers, and we strive to demonstrate this belief every day.

Customer Feedback

Proven SEO Success Framework

Our SEO team uses high-impact SEO techniques to guarantee that your website appears at the top of search engine result pages. To do this, our experts apply a framework that includes planning, analysis, development, promotion, and reporting as part of their daily work routines.

SEO Success Framework

About Ignite SEO

We cover the whole of West Midlands including:

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (often known as SEO) is a kind of digital marketing that focuses on increasing traffic to a website from search engines. All SEO techniques are built on the principle of optimization. Your brand’s online exposure will improve after your brand’s web presence (site, content, and social networking sites) has been optimized throughout the internet. Your website will make its way to the top of the first page (SERPs) in the search engine results pages. In addition, your internet consumers will be able to locate your company a lot more quickly.

Why is SEO important?

Making improvements to your online presence, namely your website, to make it more appealing to search engines such as Google and Bing is known as search engine optimization (SEO). Your website will be crawled (or scanned) by search engines to determine what it is about.

The best SEO techniques simplify search engines to comprehend your website and rank it higher in search results. SEO improves the amount of organic internet traffic and the quality of the visitors to your site without incurring any extra expenses. Direct traffic is not included since it does not contain any paid media or advertising placement. Your website will be recognized as an authoritative site by Google if you have executed a strong SEO strategy on it. Google will then lead visitors to your website.

How can SEO benefit you?

A website that has been optimized will get more organic visitors. SEO will assist you in obtaining a higher position on search engines, which may result in more traffic to your website. Increased website traffic may lead to improved search engine optimization.

Incorporating the proper SEO strategy into your website may help to distinguish you from your rivals, especially if they are only using PPC for search engine rankings. If you are also running PPC advertisements, you may even have the chance to appear twice on the top page of search results. Your optimized website will retain its position on the first google search engine results page. In contrast, your rivals’ websites will only remain on the first page of Google for as long as their marketing budget enables them to stay on the first page of Google.

Proven SEO Success framework

Our SEO team uses high-impact SEO techniques to guarantee that your website appears at the top of search engine result pages. To do this, our experts apply a framework that includes planning, analysis, development, promotion, and reporting as part of their daily work routines.


This is the most crucial phase of our SEO framework. Planning helps make the difference between promoting your website and turning your visitors into actual customers whilst driving organic traffic to your website.

Our plan phase includes steps such as performance analysis, competitor research, and knowing more about your company to develop an SEO strategy.

Performance analysis

A performance analysis is fundamental because it lets us understand where your company is currently. A performance analysis allows us to look at your website’s performance in the past and how it has improved and gives us a picture of where to begin. We are directed by using AHrefs data, GSC as well as google analytics.

Onboarding questionnaire

Because we cannot start our SEO campaign without thoroughly knowing anything about your company, we will, therefore, give you an onboarding questionnaire. The questions need to be answered to provide us with information on everything we need to know about your company before starting the SEO campaign.

Competitive analysis

Every business goal is to be at the top of its competitors. Therefore, we will analyze your competitors and the strategies they are using and create an SEO campaign that makes you surpass your competitors and get to the top of search engine results and have more customers in turn.

Kickoff call

Because everything has been planned and we have all the necessary information about your business and the competitors, our SEO company is now ready to begin.


The analysis phase involves many things, such as studying website data s well as conducting a risk assessment. We will also determine all the factors that can affect your business’s online exposure.

Technical Audit

We will do a technical SEO assessment of your website with the help of our enterprise-level SEO tools. This can help you discover places where you may improve the “back end” of your website. We fix any problem that has been reported to enhance the general design and performance of the site.

Local SEO Audit

Furthermore, we will also conduct a local SEO audit for your website. Here, several factors that are used by search engines to rank websites are evaluated; we also analyze reports on the results and finally create a strategy that can make your website visible locally.

Keywords Research

Success in search engine optimization (SEO) requires that you target the appropriate keywords. As it comes to SEO, less is frequently more when compared to other keyword-based tactics such as sponsored search. We concentrate on each of your website’s primary pages to find the most effective keywords to optimize for.

Keyword Gap Analysis

The subjects covered by your rivals’ websites are likely entirely different from the topics covered by your websites. It is also possible that your competitors’ websites include more relevant information to the audience than content on your websites. This is when the critical gap analysis comes into play. Our staff is always looking for fresh possibilities relevant to your audiences, so your website is more appropriate.

Project roadmap strategy

A road map plan is developed to describe everything that will be carried out throughout the SEO campaign, allowing you to keep track of what is going on at any given time.


The create phase involves implementing the action in the SEO campaign. Here, our SEO agency uses AI techniques as well as analytics. The team will determine what content to include on your pages, as well as the length of content to be contained on your website.

New Content

New content is essential for every search engine optimization strategy. You need to make sure that you are covering all the content being covered by your competitors. All content gaps between you and your competitors in the sector must be closed. Our SEO ensures that this is accomplished and that your website relevance improves.

Content Expansion

Our SEO experts will look at every web page as well as the content on those pages. We will make sure that the content on every page is optimized and relevant to your audience. Our content expansion is employed to make sure your content is well-indexed and crawled by search engines.

Social Fortress

Social media networks are vital in ensuring that the search engine optimization campaign. Social media fortress helps lock down your brand name, reputation as well as identity. With social fortress, we can be able to control several spots for your brand on google.

GMB Optimization

For your website to rank in local SEO, you need to have a GBM that is well optimized. Our SEO specialists are responsible for making sure that you have a well-optimized Google my business profile. 


Without promoting your website, it will be difficult for people to find it. That is why part of the SEO campaign involves promoting the website to increase its exposure and awareness. This is very important and can significantly help in the overall success of your website.

Link Prospecting

For link prospecting, our SEO experts find high-quality backlinks that link back to your website; this helps us gain backlinks for your website. A great link prospecting strategy is needed because poor prospects can have a detrimental effect on the SEO campaign.

Link Outreach

Our link outreach team finds valuable links to link to your websites; this is essential and has to be done appropriately for great results. We make sure to find backlinks that will boost your organic rankings and traffic.

Press Release distribution

Websites’ press releases are an essential part of SEO campaigns as they help develop your brand’s name and reputation. They are also great for your media coverage, therefore, benefiting your search engine optimization campaign.

Citation audit and building

To make sure your company is well known, you need to have citations that are complete. This is why SEO Coventry agency ensures that your citations are well audited to let your customers know more about you, including your phone numbers, name, and address. Citation audits are carried out in this stage of your SEO campaign.


Our SEO team ensures that everything is transparently reported to you. Therefore, they will never be a stage where you do not know what is going on in your SEO campaign, as you will be informed about everything through the customized dashboard.

Quarterly Performance Deep Dive

This involves meeting with your project manager to go through everything in the SEO campaigns and correct some of the activities you feel are not being done correctly. It is also in this stage that you create a plan for the activities that will be done in the following quarter.

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Spending £1000 a month and having an ROI of £450,000 is a no-brainer. 75–100 phone calls a day via the site.

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Iceberg Developments

All my leads come through the internet. That’s the highest praise we can say because all our turnover is related to SEO.

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Within 6 months our business was listed in the top three for our main keywords in what is a very competitive industry. I would certainly recommend Adam.

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Coventry Chiropractic Clinic

Within a very short period of time we were seeing greater traction with the strategy that they had implemented than in the whole year with two other firms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Local Search Engine Strategies?

A local search strategy helps assist local companies in being discovered by potential clients ...

A local search strategy helps assist local companies in being discovered by potential clients and consumers that are searching in the organic search results.

Due to many people who resort to search engines such as Google to discover brands, products, and services, local companies must develop data-driven strategies to improve their exposure online.

Local search methods use search engine optimization (SEO) to help companies rank higher in the search engines, be discovered more efficiently, and bring more website visitors to their websites.

What is Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Technical SEO is a subset of SEO that focuses on improving the structure of ...

Technical SEO is a subset of SEO that focuses on improving the structure of your website so that it can be scanned and crawled by search engines with little effort on your part.

A technically optimized website is essential if you want to generate natural traffic from search engines. This is because if people can’t access or browse your site, the layout and content of your website are made ineffective and ineffective.

How Does Technical SEO Benefits You?

Due to many moving components on a website, the success of your website marketing ...

Due to many moving components on a website, the success of your website marketing campaign depends on optimizing your website to be as quick, as functional, and as user-friendly as possible.

Technical SEO is one of these components; it is a subset of SEO that focuses on improving your website’s infrastructure.

Because it guarantees that your website is simple to browse and devoid of any technical problems that hinder it from being interpreted and ranked by search engines, technical SEO is crucial to your website’s success. Technical SEO should be implemented to generate organic traffic and convert that traffic into paying clients.