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Ignite SEO are Coventry’s number one SEO Agency. We have helped to grow numerous Coventry based online businesses. Our search engine optimisation solutions are tailored to each of our client’s websites. We work with you to find out your businesses most important keywords and search terms. Then we get your website ranking for them. We optimise your website to perform in Google for search terms that will drive business to your website.

Search Engine Optimisation Coventry

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of priming a website for search engines’ bots to crawl through to help them identify what your site is all about. The information that the bots glean is used to categorise the site within indices so that algorithms can calculate the site’s position in the search engine results page when a specific search is made.

SEO increases the quality and quantity of visitors to your website who have found your site organically through a search engine. Our solutions don’t just drive more consumers to your company, they ensure the people who visit are the ones who would prove the most profitable.  As a digital marketing tool, organic SEO is the effective way for companies to thrive in our digital world.

What Do We Mean By Quality?

The visitors to your site have actively searched for your products or services, and by doing so, they have confirmed their interest in the products or services you have to offer. If your SE optimisation strategy is effective, this would show your website on the first page of Google which is vital when you consider that 75% of people never go beyond the first page of search results! Quality seo is also effective as once people reach your landing page, your web design won’t have been compromised by poorly written information – written for bots, not for humans.

What Do We Mean By Organic Search?

Organic search is traffic that arrives at your site through search engines’ results, not through paid advertisements (ppc) or from links from another site, but from the data the bots collated from your site: keywords, the meta descriptions, title tags and images. An organic seo marketing strategy can optimise your website for genuine consumers, making it more effective, as upto 80% of searchers will ignore ppc, so you will outrank rival companies who use the ppc method of marketing.

Online Marketing Agency Coventry

Not long ago, searching for products of services online just wasn’t a thing, but now almost 75% of people regularly do so on a monthly basis. With 90% of customers carrying out online research prior to making a purchase or enquiring about a service, a company – new or established – can ill-afford not to optimise their website for the search terms most important to them. The ever increasing popularity of Google and other big search engines has resulted in up to 65% of sales being completed on the internet within certain industries.
Those websites that rank in the top 3 positions of Google receives 70% of traffic for the term that is searched. Our online marketing team use effective digital marketing for your business to rank your website in those positions – in order to make your SEO Coventry campaign a success. We have delivered top Google results for a wide range of SEO Coventry clients based across a wide variety of industries. With us providing local seo with a global reach, you could reach clients who would never have known of your company previously.

If your website is not ranking on the first page of Google for the search terms most relevant to your industry, then you could be missing out on huge amounts of business. With effective marketing conducted by us, your digital presence will have a much wider – global – audience and receive many more hits, many more clients and fundamentally many more sales.

SEO Benefits

Are you a local Coventry business looking to boost your rankings on Google? You’ve come to the right place.

At Ignite SEO, we specialise in providing search engine optimisation services to local businesses. Using a variety of methods from adding keywords to link building, we’ll help you to improve your rankings and get more traffic!

What are the benefits of SEO?

Ever visited a new town and wanted to find a good local restaurant? Or perhaps an appliance has broken at home and you need an appliance repair company in your area? In both cases, most people do their local research on Google. This is where local SEO comes into play.

Local SEO helps you to stand out among other businesses in your area. This requires a different strategy to national SEO, often targeting specific keywords within search queries like ‘near me’ or ‘in my area’.

Businesses of all kinds can benefit from local SEO. Even if your business attracts customers from across the world, there could still be a market on your doorstep that you can equally tap into.

Our SEO Coventry service can help you to implement this strategy so that you rank higher than your local competitors. This involves analysing the current Coventry market, as well as playing to your USP.

Why Choose Ignite SEO Coventry?

When you choose our SEO Coventry service, you’re guaranteed a service that is thorough and transparent. We’ll go the extra mile to ensure that your rankings improve and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way as to how things are going.

Our team of experts are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to SEO practices. We’ll examine every detail of your website that could be having an impact on your rankings from fixing broken links to optimising images.

Local SEO And More

On top of our SEO Coventry service, we can also help you with national SEO if you so desire. This could help you to attract traffic from across the UK (and beyond!).

More information on the services we provide can be found across our website. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us today – we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

SEO Services Coventry

Our SEO Coventry services can be broken down into five stages. Below are some of the local services that we can provide for you


Data Analysis Report

Using data analytics, we first take a look at your web traffic stats to get an idea of where your current visitors are coming from.

Onboarding Questionnaire

We get you to complete a questionnaire that helps us to better understand your company and your goals. This helps us to launch an SEO campaign catered to your needs.

Competitive Analysis

We also analyse your competitors to see what type of traffic they’re getting and which keywords they may already be optimising. In the case of our SEO Coventry service, this involves analysing competitors based in Coventry and the surrounding area.

Kickoff Meeting

Our kickoff meeting helps us to get to know you more, as well as serving as an opportunity to introduce the campaign ahead.


Technical SEO Audit

We start by monitoring the overall health of your website to see what types of useful fixes can be made.

Website Quality Audit

This audit helps to work out the quality of each page and to help determine what SEO measures need to be taken.

‘On Page’ Audit

Our on page audit helps to look at the ingredients that can be changed on your site to help it rank better. This may range from keywords to use of internal hyperlinks.

Citations Audit

Our citations audit checks that online aggregators and business directories are using the correct details for your business such as your name, address and phone number. This can help to boost your local search rankings and local reputation.


Technical Adjustments

We start by making any necessary technical adjustments to your website such as boosting page speed and making sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Citation Cleanup & Building

We help to fix any incorrect citations on third-party websites, as well as helping you to build extra citations, further helping to improve your rankings.

Content Topic Generation

We then help you to create fresh content on your site ranging from blog posts to informational pages. We make sure that this content is both engaging and SEO-driven.

New Page Creation

There could be a need to build extra landing pages on your website – we will build these new pages for you and optimise them accordingly.

Google My Business Set Up

We can also help you get set up with Google My Business. This platform allows you to easily manage your online presence and monitor any citations.


Link Prospecting

Successful SEO involves link building. The first stage of this is prospecting, which involves finding sites that are likely to provide inbound links leading to your site.

Link Outreach

Once we’ve found relevant sites, we reach out to the owner of these sites and ask for permission to provide a link. In some cases, we may already close relationships with site owners that we can rely on.

Link Acquisition Included

When a proposed site agrees to provide a link to your website, we follow up on this to ensure that the link has been created.

Google My Business Optimisation

By optimising your GMB profile, we then tell Google everything it needs to accurately list your business in the right places at the right times.


Monthly Reporting

To get an idea of how your SEO campaign is going, we provide monthly reports on what has been achieved. We make sure you’re always kept in the loop.

Why SEO Is Important

There are approximately 644 million active websites on the internet, and while not all will be competition to your niche business, you can see why it is important to make your website stand out from the crowd.

You can have the most beautiful and aesthetically appealing website design, but SEO gives your website the opportunity to become more visible to an audience by ranking higher on the search engine’s results pages. Would you rather have a shop on a busy high street or down an alleyway?

There are other benefits that an optimised website brings to your business.

It Boosts Your Brand Identity

When people conduct a search, they often input keywords, see the results, and then search again using different words. If your site is optimised using a variety of industry and product relevant keywords and search terms, your website will repeatedly appear in the results, which makes the person trust your brand even more.

It Makes Your Site More User-Friendly

Modern-day SEO isn’t just about getting a higher ranking on a search engine; it’s also about providing a superior user experience. A well-designed website that presents a clean, uncluttered interface will compel casual visitors to stick around for far longer, decreasing the bounce rate, increasing page views and boosting sales. Content that is optimised for SEO will keep readers happy as it will help to resolve their issues and answer their questions.

It Improves Conversion Rates

SEO-optimised websites are easier to read and surf, load faster across a range of devices and are much easier to navigate. Such websites have a far better chance of encouraging visitors to return, to become subscribers or loyal customers.

It Gives Your Business Credibility

Where your website ranks in search engines’ results pages acts as a signal as to how credible your business is. If Google ranks you highly, you must be relevant and valued. It‘s a digital vote of confidence. Look no further than our specialist SEO Coventry team implement the following on every account we undertake.

It Gives One Of The Best Returns On Your Investment

SEO markets your business to the very people who are actively looking for your products or services; your potential customers. Unlike other forms of advertising, you don’t need to convince them that they want your offerings, you only need to convince them that you are the right provider.

SEO Agency Coventry – What We Do

Ignite SEO is Coventry’s & West Midlands number one SEO Agency, and since our foundation in 2013, we have helped numerous businesses from a vast range of industries across the West Midlands, Birmingham, Leicester, Derby, develop their SEO strategy with bespoke campaigns.

We work with you to get a holistic view of your business; the products and services that you offer, the most profitable areas of your business, and where you want it to go in the future. It’s important that we understand the finer details of your business goals and objectives so that we can develop a strategy that will continually work to help you accomplish them.

Our specialist SEO Coventry team implement the following on every account we undertake.

Competitor Research

To get your page ranking higher than others within your industry and niche, we need to understand your business, but we also need to review who you are up against. By researching the competition, we can investigate what keywords and search term strategies they have implemented, and identify what they do well with, what they fail at, and any gaps that they have left that we can fill.

We use the data to quantify which keywords and search terms are valuable so that we can grow your website’s organic search.

Competitor analysis is essential to developing an SEO strategy for your business. We can gain valuable insight into where your competition is strong and where they are weak so that you can outperform them and dominate the search engines results page.

Keywords and Search Terms

Our SEO Coventry experts use web analytic tools to establish the best keywords and search terms for your industry, products and services to use within your website’s content. We research the trends for keywords that are successfully used for organic ranking. It’s not always the most obvious keywords that will be successful. By using very popular keywords, your site has to compete with millions of other sites, whereas a more select approach will diminish the numbers.

Every word on your website should add SEO value, and we will advise you on how to create content that appeals to bots and customers alike and boosts your online marketing strategy.

Having a combined experience of over two decades in the SEO industry, Ignite SEO’s SEO Coventry team know what it take to rank your website in the top positions of Google. Our SEO Coventry experts have vast knowledge and experience in optimising website to get them seen favourably by Google. Unlike many other Coventry SEO Agencies, Ignite SEO carry out ethical organic SEO techniques that deliver long term performance and rankings.


Our SEO experts work closely the Ignite SEO web design team to deliver fast and efficient websites that have a SEO friendly structure ann built to be seen favourably by Google. Our in house Coventry web design team will also carry out conversion rate optimisation on your website to ensure that it makes the most of the increased traffic being received from our SEO campaigns.


Well optimised content has a significant effect on Google rankings. The team of content writers at Ignite SEO have years of experience writing SEO friendly content across a wide range of industries. We write content that is both engaging, SEO friendly and helps to convert visitors into conversions.

Link Building

An integral part of any SEO campaign is link building. Ignite SEO SEO Coventry will build Google friendly links to your businesses website. By building Google friendly links to your website we can deliver long term sustainable results that will benefit your site.

Ignite SEO are a small team of SEO experts, web designers and online marketing specialists. Our aim is to help businesses across Coventry and Warwickshire improve their online performance. Having successfully ranked hundreds of websites for both local and national keywords we know what it takes to achieve online success.

We provide optimisation packages for every type of customer, with great value plans tailored to the specific needs of your business. Our full Coventry SEO service offers unbeatable value for money and you’ll receive first class support from our dedicated team.

Technical SEO

Just because customers don’t always see the technical information on your website, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be SEO friendly. The bots, after all, crawl your site for data to rank it, and they use the technical information to grade your site.

Title Tags: these are the title of a web page and are the clickable headline in the search engines’ results, web browsers and on social media networks.

Meta Description: this is a 160-character description of your site that appears on the search engine page. It may be small, but it can pack a strong SEO punch.

Images: a description of an image in the alt text is used by bots to determine what its an image of and to determine the topic of the content that it is related to.
We make sure that your site is optimised behind the scenes as well as on the visible pages of the website.

Avoid Google Penalties

There’s a fine line between being SEO friendly and SEO overkill.

In the good old days, Google ranked pages on the number of keywords that they had to determine how relevant the site was to the search query, but this led to webmasters overstuffing pages with keywords to achieve a high-rank position.

To regain control and to ensure quality and relevant search results, Google has introduced guidelines that specify what Google likes and dislikes. For your website to get highly ranked, your website must adhere to these guidelines to avoid the penalties.

Penalties can mean that your website is deindexed from Google, and the only way that you will discover your error is when you notice that your visitor numbers have greatly diminished.

The results produced by Google searches are based on complex algorithms that are subjected to minor updates and tweaks hundreds of times each year. There are also periodic major updates to the way the system works. The constant shifting landscape of what counts as a successful SEO strategy makes it difficult for a business owner to stay on top of this while also striving for growth and increased profitability within their enterprise.

We endeavour to remain fully up to date with all the latest SEO developments. If we discover a change that will have a negative impact on your rankings, we can advise you of the necessary changes right away. Let us take care of your SEO and digital marketing needs while you get on with running your business.

At Ignite SEO we ensure that our SEO tactics fall well within the parameters of Google’s guidelines, and work proactively within them to boost your website’s visibility. We have delivered top Google results for a wide range of SEO Coventry clients based across a wide variety of industries.

Content Marketing

A solid content strategy is at the heart of today’s SEO efforts, and at Ignite SEO we can assist you with adding kind of material to your site that will boost your rankings along with levels of customer engagement and satisfaction. Typical content formats might include:

Blog Posts: These consist of education and information articles on a wide range of topics that will appeal to your audience. Having a blog on your site allows you to provide visitors with regular updates on developments in your company without the need to make drastic alterations to the rest of your website.

Product and Services Pages: If there are multiple ways of using the products and services you produce, you can provide additional details on a dedicated section of your website. Doing so can attract visitors who are looking for information on such products and increases the chances of such visitors going on to purchase from your site.

Infographics: Many people prefer to do their learning visually so sourcing high-quality content that combines text and images in a user-friendly way can be extremely appealing and encourage visitors to your site to stick around for longer.

Video: From a behind-the-scenes look at the workings of your company to a testimonial from a satisfied customer, there are plenty of ways to incorporate video content into your site.

How We Can Benefit Your Business

Our team of SEO Coventry experts have years of experience in the online marketing industry. We work with your business to get your site found on Google. As an agency Ignite SEO feels it is very important to get a strong understanding of our clients business prior to starting an SEO campaign. We gain an insight into your business and find out what keywords are most important to you. We carry out competitor research to find out how we can make your website dominate your online marketplace.

The most important part of our SEO Coventry campaigns is driving relevant and engaged traffic to your website. Appearing for keyword related search terms means that those people landing on your site be ready to make a purchase or enquire about your services. Unlike broad targeted traditional marketing methods, SEO targets those people already searching for the products and services that you offer.

A SEO Coventry campaign will also help build your online brand and add credibility to your business. The search engine optimisation strategies carried out by Ignite SEO allow smaller businesses to compete with established multinationals that currently dominate your marketplace. With the experience of successfully achieving position 1 Google rankings for both start-up businesses and sites that have been running for years, Ignite SEO have become a priceless asset to multiple businesses across Coventry and the UK.

Speak to one of our specialist SEO Coventry consultants today on 02476 55 22 22.

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