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Here at Ignite Web Design Coventry, we deliver first-class web design and digital marketing services to all Coventry businesses, whether you’re a fledgling entrepreneur with a budding startup, or an established business run by an industry leader. Our Coventry web design team have a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding when working with local and national businesses, meaning we can turn any idea into an actuality. Whether our customers require a basic website to launch their business or need an updated website to abide to Google’s latest algorithm changes, we here at Ignite Web Design Coventry can help transform your web design vision into a reality.

Web Designers Coventry

We deliver high-quality web solutions, fixated on producing a business’s desired results; our team of professionals deliver impeccable online marketing campaigns as well as superior web design throughout Coventry and the West Midlands.

Our team of web designers Coventry have a wealth of experience dealing with local and national businesses. Whether our customers require a simple website to help launch their business online or require a full fledged e-commerce store, the team at Ignite Web aim to deliver the highest quality online marketing and web design in Coventry & through the West Midlands.

Website Designers Coventry

Looking for the most reliable website designers Coventry has to offer? Look no further than Ignite SEO. The web solutions we deliver to our clients are focussed towards generating them the results they require for their business. Building a high quality business relationship between Ignite Web Design Coventry and our customers businesses is a key part of building a successful ongoing relationship. By understanding your business completely we are able to match your vision to the websites we design for your business.

Ignite Web Design Coventry have worked on many successful web projects, this experience gives Ignite Web Design Coventry the edge when approaching small or large projects.

Our Philosophy

At Ingite SEO, our philosophy is to not simply meet the mark, but to go one step further and exceed all expectations. We strive to not only meet your anticipations, but to excel; we always aim to do whatever it takes to make your business succeed, and then to continue its succession of victory. As well as building a high-quality website that suits your visual and business needs, we also build impeccable business relationships between our team of specialists and our customers. By doing so, Ignite Web Design Coventry can collaborate to understand your business’s entirety, providing us with the opportunity to create exactly what it is you’re envisioning.

Our team of trained web design professional will discuss each step of the way with you, to ensure that what we’re creating for your business is correct and in line with your business’s requirements and needs. Here at Ignite SEO, our overall philosophy is to help design the website you’ve always wished-for aesthetically, and to ensure that it has the appropriate supporting digital marketing campaign in place, fully optimising your website for ultimate success. Throughout the creative process, we will thoroughly research, strategize and develop, all while asking for feedback and direction, so that Ignite Coventry Web Design can provide you with the best and most optimised website for your business.

When developing a website for our clients, we make sure to delve deeper into the aesthetics of a website. Although we celebrate a beautifully crafted and designed website, our dedicated team at Ignite Web Design Coventry understand the importance of considering the whole package: user experience, navigation, SEO, on-site content and even social media and email marketing campaigns for your business. We’ll ensure that your website is responsive, mobile-friendly, and we’ll help create and support a strong brand for your company.

Here at Ignite SEO Coventry, we’ll create a tailor-made website for your company, and then we’ll go one step further and implement digital marketing strategies, so that your website can soar. Simply put, one cannot live without the other, and so, our Ignite Web Design Coventry team will make sure to contrivance both when crafting your website. Trust our Coventry web designers with your next project.

What We Do?

Have you got a responsive site?

Is you’re site as easy to use as it should be on mobile devices? Ensuring your website is mobile friendly has never been more important, especially since search engines such as Google now takes responsive website design into account when ranking sites.

The way we now view websites has changed a lot in recent years as mobile technology continues to develop. Just as many people now view websites on mobile devices as they do on standard desktop computers or laptops so making sure you’re website is easily accessible for mobile devices is vital for a successful website and successful business.

Responsive web design means optimising a site so that it it responds and adapts to different screen sizes, so your site will be just as easy to use on a mobile phone or tablet as it would be on a standard desktop computer. Here at Ignite Web Design Coventry we create responsive, mobile friendly websites as standard so you can rest assured your site will look and perform great however you view it.

If you are looking for Coventry Web Design Services & would like to see some more examples of responsive websites take a look through our portfolio.

Here at Ignite Web Design Coventry we follow a proven 6 stage web design process that helps our Coventry Web Designers deliver successful solutions to our clients time and time again. So what is a web design process? A web design process is a set of tried and tested points that need to be completed in order to take a website from start to finish. By breaking down a large project into bite size chunks we are able to perfect every aspect of your website.

The stages are:

  1. Information Gathering & Planning
  2. Design
  3. Development
  4. Pre Launch – Testing
  5. Launch
  6. Post Launch – Online Marketing


The first and often most crucial step in any successful online campaign is the information gathering and planning stages. By gathering vital information on the business, their goals & their target audience we are able to tailor the website design & development to match up with the business ethos.

Using this information we can put together a flawless plan for your website, at this stage we will develop an intricate sitemap for our customers business.


By using the information gathered in stage one we are able to transform plans into reality. We are able to deliver a visual prototype for your business. At this stage our clients have the opportunity to compile a list of feedback that we can implement into the design. At the end of the design phase the look and feel of the website will be almost complete and will be ready to move onto development.


Here at Ignite Web Design Coventry we take a strategic approach to development and the software we use for our clients website. With this in mind, we build all of our websites using open-source solutions, predominantly WordPress & Magento. Our team of talented developers know the systems inside out & can provide content managed solutions that not only look great but are extremely easy to manage for our customers.

Depending on the complexity of the development, we usually aim to deliver a fully functioning website within 4 – 6 weeks of website sign off. Again, at this stage you will be able to compile a list of amendments that we can implement into the website.


Prior to launching the website, our team run through a polishing phase where we aim to attend to the final details. We address the websites speed, compatibility issues & implement onsite SEO to ensure your business ranks highly in Google straight from launch. The clients website is also ran through our quality standards checks, to ensure the website we launch is flawless.


The launch stage requires significant attention in order to avoid any issues. Our team take care of any hosting and email transfers before launching the website, ensuring as little down time as possible. Does your website contain any existing SEO? An important question that we address before launch to avoid any issues with Google rankings. If so, then we put in place a strategy to ensure your websites Google rankings do not fluctuate through the live process. Once we are satisfied that adequate precaution are in place we will then look to transfer the website onto the live server.

Once live we will run the website through the final diagnostics, health checks & setting up any Google accounts to monitor analytics.

Phase 1 – Strategy and Consulting

Before the web developing process can commence, our team of professionals will first have to understand your business, your vision and your product. To ensure that your website is 100% correct, we will be in regular meetings so that we can understand your business’s demographic, market and opponents. By doing so, Ignite Web Design Coventry can curate a unique and original strategy for your business. Analysing the competition means we can help you compete with them.


Every business is different. Whether your Coventry business is local or global, we understand that we live in a heavily competitive age. Therefore, we’ll ensure to make your business stand out from the rest with an original concept, design and SEO strategy. By considering the whole package, we at Ignite Web Design Coventry can help build an authoritative website and digital marketing plan for your business.


Without detailed and thorough research, your website will only fail to make a mark in this increasingly digital and competitive world. While you want to be original, there are also some styles and ground rules you must abide by. You want to attract your demographic, however, to do so you need to compete with the big names and the local, small businesses with a loyal customer base. From the font choice to the colour scheme of your website, we’ll research what’ll work best for your company and what you should avoid.

As well as your website’s aesthetics, we’ll also research the best digital marketing campaigns for your business, that’ll be put in place post-launch. We’ll look for the best keywords for your business, how to implement them, and we’ll even draw up a tailored social media and email marketing campaign, highlighting how we’ll instrument them, why we’re using them, how it’ll impact your business for the better. Not only do we develop an effective and responsive website for your business, but we’ll also ensure the appropriate SEO and digital marketing campaigns are in place post-launch, maximising your business’s online visibility.


Once we’ve researched and garnered enough information on your company, what it is you do, sell and how you want to display your business, we’ll strategize how we’ll put our findings in place throughout our next phase (Phase 2). The proposal will contain both our web development plans and the digital marketing campaigns we’ve tailored from our examination of your business and the data we’ve collected.

Phase 2 – Design and Development

Only when you’re happy with our strategy and proposal will we start to develop your website. Throughout our design and development period, we will keep you updated and be confident in our approach. We won’t stray from what was decided in Phase 1, unless you, the customer, has changed their minds. During Phase 2, you can expect:

Design Planning

Now that our Coventry Ignite SEO team understand exactly what it is your business wants, Ignite Web Design Coventry can properly plan the aesthetics of your website, putting all our research in place. Throughout the whole process, we will only offer a superior service to ensure your business gets exactly what they have anticipated.

Design Phase

Once planning is completed, Ignite Coventry Web Design put everything that we’ve learned into practice and start to craft your website, sticking to everything we’ve learnt and discussed. Under the careful guidance of our research, strategy and proposal, our Coventry web design professionals will build a bespoke website based on your needs, wants and desires.

Design Presentation, Client Feedback & Client Approval

After our team of professionals have finalised your business’s website in the design phase, we’ll present our mock-up of your website for you to feedback any last-minute changes. Then, with the client’s feedback in mind, we’ll make the changes before presenting once again until we get client approval. During this feedback and approval phase, we can make any modifications and adaptations to your website. Our team works off your feedback, so honesty is the best policy in this case.

Project Web Development

Once we have client approval, our specialist team of Coventry website developers will start to create and develop your website into its final form. Any changes previously discussed will be implemented.

Pre-Launch Quality Checks & On-Site Optimisation 

No website can be launched without undergoing sufficient quality checks. During this stage, we will run tests on your website, checking that everything is working order. This means checking and double checking the navigation, loading times, links and even check-out stages. No rock is left unturned.

We’ll also implement SEO throughout your website to improve its online visibility and climb Google’s ranking. None of our websites will be launched unless it’s perfect – both aesthetically and technically.

Website Launch

Your website is up and running, raring to go! Congratulations!

Phase 3 – Post-Launch & Marketing

Although the launch of your website is an exciting business milestone, our Ignite SEO team will still be at work, executing Phase 3 to ensure your website is working to its fullest capacity. After all, what’s a website without its marketing strategy?

Post-Launch Meeting

Your website has been launched, but the journey is far from over. So that our Coventry team of experts can ensure everything is in check, we host a post-launch meeting with all our clients. This is when we discuss everything that’s been done, and check that everything is working accordingly, before moving onto the next step of our development process – digital marketing.

Implementation of Digital Marketing Strategies

Without digital marketing, your website will falter and fail to make a significant impact. To ensure you get the most out of your website, we’ll make sure to implement the previously agreed digital marketing strategies that were discussed in Phase 1. Although your website will have already been fully optimised through SEO, Ignite Coventry Web Design will also help your business with social media, PPC and email marketing campaigns.

Convert Traffic & Increase Customer’s Lifetime Value

Your website is up and running, your digital marketing strategies are underway, so what else is there left to do? Your website will convert traffic, and we’ll keep and we’ll keep an eye on the numbers for you. Plus, if you were ever in the need to alter your website, our trusty team of Coventry web developers will be at hand, ready to offer you a lifetime of value and quality service.