National Days: The SEO Technique You Hadn’t Considered

Did you know there is a National Fun At Work Day this week?  Or that the 2nd of March is World Book Day? These days, there’s a national day for pretty much anything, and they offer excellent marketing opportunities for businesses all around the world.

From special discounts to giveaways, you can use national days to increase customer engagement and show your customers what your business values. This blog will look at how national days can be used effectively as part of your new SEO strategy for 2023.

What Is A National Day?

A national day is a special day that celebrates something specific on the same day each year; common examples include Independence Day, National Coffee Day and World Animal Day. But there are actually hundreds of national days throughout the year that can be used as part of an effective marketing strategy. National days are an excellent opportunity to celebrate culture, community and to have a bit of fun! There are some obscure days to be celebrated, some with a more serious purpose and others that are just for fun.

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How National Days Can Transform Your SEO Strategy:

If you think your marketing strategy could do with a bit of a revamp, national days are an easy way to add fun to your campaigns! With a bit of creativity, you can find endless ways to use national days to increase customer engagement, improving the amount of organic traffic your website receives.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of using national days alongside your SEO strategy:

Increase Visibility

By creating content around a national day, you can increase visibility in Google and get noticed by potential customers. This makes a great alternative to the sales pitches and job postings that clutter people’s feeds. Engaging content will help drive more traffic to your website and give your business an edge over competitors.

Boost Engagement

National days are the perfect time to engage with customers and spread the word about your business. Whether through giveaways, discounts or special offers, using national days will help get people talking, spreading the word and creating more engagement with your brand.

Generate Leads

By taking advantage of national days, you can generate leads from potential customers who are interested in what your business has to offer. If a post on National Fun At Work Day can drive them to your website, it’s a good post!

Increase Brand Loyalty

National days are the perfect chance to show your customers how much you appreciate their support. Using national days can help build customer loyalty and increase brand recognition, whether through special discounts, giveaways or exclusive offers.

Examples Of National Days & How You Can Use Them To Improve Your SEO:

High-quality content has always been an important part of SEO. But by incorporating national days into your content strategy, they can be used an opportunity to grab attention and boost the visibility of your website. Here are some great examples of national days you can use to promote your business:

1. Get To Know Your Customers Day, January 19th

Get To Know Your Customers Day is a perfect way to engage directly with existing and potential customers. You could write a blog that features success stories, host a Q&A session on social media or even reach out to potential customers and discuss their business objectives for the coming year.

Not only will this improve your customer engagement, but it will put forward the impression that you value your customers. Understanding your clients is essential for any business, and this day is a great reminder to stay in touch with the people that matter most.

2. National Fun At Work Day, January 27th

Why not show your customers how much you care by celebrating National Fun At Work Day? Give your team some well-deserved downtime and encourage them to participate in team bonding activities. Activities could involve organizing a lunch where employees get to know each other or setting up fun games that get people talking and laughing.

You could also share these ideas in a blog post, helping give your customers insights into the team environment at your company. In terms of SEO, this is likely to generate discussion on social media, even better if it brings people to your site.

3- National Family Day, February 20th

At the end of the day, family is what matters most for many of us. Celebrate National Family Day by offering your customers special discounts or exclusive offers to show them that you appreciate their support.

You could also create content on the importance of family in our lives and why it should be celebrated!

4- International Women’s Day, March 8th

International Women’s Day is an important day to recognize and celebrate the achievements of female role models. Why not use this national day as a way to showcase successful women within your company? Share their stories on LinkedIn or create a blog post highlighting each woman and her inspiring journey.

This could be a great opportunity to drive customers to your site and create a sense of community.

5-National Pet Day, April 11th

National Pet Day is the perfect time to show off those furry friends of yours. Share pictures and stories of your employee’s pets on LinkedIn, or feature customers’ pet photos with a hashtag campaign like “Celebrate National Pet Day With Us”. This can be a great way to build relationships with customers while also getting creative with your marketing strategy.

6- Sherlock Holmes Day, May 22nd

May 22nd is the day dedicated to one of the world’s most beloved detectives, Sherlock Holmes! Why not use this national day as an opportunity to show off your problem-solving skills? You could share blogs or videos of how you and your team have solved customer problems in the past or even give customers a chance to solve one of your own puzzles.

Not only will this be fun for customers and employees, but it can also help distinguish you from other businesses in the same industry.

7- National Read A Book Day, September 6th

September 6th is National Read A Book Day. Why not use this day as an opportunity to generate interest in your content? You could promote a book written by one of your employees or even host a virtual book club discussing fiction and non-fiction titles relevant to your industry.

This is great for branding, but it can also help you to engage with customers in an alternative way.

8- National Train Your Brain Day, October 13th

National Train Your Brain Day is the perfect time to promote creativity and problem-solving. You could host a virtual quiz or game that pushes customers to think outside the box, or even create a blog post with puzzles that require customers to flex their mental muscles.

Not only will this be fun for your customers, but it can also help increase engagement with your content.

9- Small Business Saturday, November 25th

Small Business Saturday is the perfect day to celebrate the success of small businesses. If you’re a larger company that works with different types of small businesses, you could showcase some of your partners and their incredible work.

You could create a blog post illustrating how small businesses have helped you in the past or share stories from other customers about their experiences with smaller vendors. This is a great way to give back to those within your industry and help drive customer loyalty.

10- Christmas Card Day, December 9th

The festive season is one of the best times of year to show customers you care. You could create a virtual holiday card with your team and share it on social media or send out customized cards to customers that have supported you in the past year. Show appreciation for your customer base and help to spread some seasonal cheer!

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We hope that this blog has been helpful in giving you some content ideas for national days! if you’re in need of some extra SEO tips, check out our blogs on ‘5 Upcoming SEO Trends To Watch Out For in 2023‘ and ‘SEO 2023: How to Boost Your Website’s Ranking in the New Year‘. And let us know how you use national days to improve your customer engagement!

National Days FAQS:

We’ve done our best to try and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about national days below:

Is There a National Lazy Day?

Yes, there is; National lazy day is August 10th!

What Is The Most Random National Day?

Unlike a national holiday, national days are quite obscure and aren’t as widely celebrated. Examples include Wikipedia Day, Ferris Wheel Day and Chocolate Mint Day! However, these are not examples of an official national day like Easter or Christmas.

Are There Any Other Marketing Strategies I Can Use?

If you’re interested in learning about additional marketing techniques, attending online and in-person events can prove to be very beneficial. Recently, our founder Adam Collins attended the Midlands Business Networking Expo and he had a few words on why it was helpful; check it out here ‘Expert Insight: Adam Collins on the Midlands Business Networking Expo 2023‘.

What Are The Most Well-Known National Days?

There are so many national days it is hard to keep track. However, here are a few of the most well-known ones:

In France, Bastille Day is celebrated annually on the 14th of July every year. This public holiday commemorates the end of French Colonial Rule and celebrates the people’s republic gaining full independence from the French monarchy.

Britain holds Remembrance Day on the 11th of November each year to remember those who lost their lives in the first & second world war. This traditional date has been celebrated annually for over 100 years.

In India, their Independence Day commemorates the independence act coming into effect, so the country was no longer under British rule. August 15th is a celebration of national identity and is celebrated on the same date each year.

In Australia, January 26th is known as Australia Day, as this marks the anniversary of the British settlement.

Which Day Is The United Nations Day?

The 24th of October is United Nations Day, marking the UN’s establishment in 1945.

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