What is a National SEO Service?

National SEO is a search marketing strategy that focuses on promoting your business’s website to rank highly for keywords on a national level. The aim of this type of search engine optimisation is to have your site achieve high visibility nationwide, not just in your local area.

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National SEO Campaigns VS Local SEO campaigns

A National SEO Campaign aims to increase the amount of organic website traffic by targeting target an audience nationwide, as opposed to the just local community. By doing so, your website is able to apply this online marketing strategy and increase customer conversions, improve the quality of your website and grow exponentially.

A Local SEO Campaign follows the same principles as a National one, expect on a much smaller scale. The reason why we at Ignite SEO prefer a National SEO campaign is due to the increased amount of potential customers than can be reached. The majority of large brands focus on targeting a customer base nationally, as there a larger amount of prospective consumers.

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National SEO Services Help GROW Your Business?


Expanded Reach

Reach essentially stands for the number of people who can see your businesses website content on search engines. National SEO strategies aim to increase each by optimising content, link building and enhancing your keyword rankings. These improve your reach over the entire country, allowing for conversion optimisations.


Higher Search Engine Rankings

A National SEO campaign ensures that as a business owner, your content will appear higher on search engine rankings. By appearing earlier on in search results, it leads to an increased chance that your content will be seen by potential consumers, meaning more local business, as well as national.


Improved Brand Recognition

Appearing higher in search engines also creates improved brand recognition through familiarity. As more people are viewing your content through enhanced search engine optimisation, the more people will purchase your business. In turn, this will create increased customer awareness through reviews, word of mouth and your improved online presence.


Increased Customer Conversions

Customer conversions are vital to any National campaign. Throughout our ‘Five-Step SEO Plan’, we will ensure that your site’s user experience is improved, making it quicker and easier for potential customers to navigate.

Our Approach – National SEO Services

If you own a business with a national reach, it is very important that any search engine optimisation – SEO – you undertake targets the entire country you operate within. Achieving a brilliant national SEO profile can be a tricky balancing act. You do not want to waste resources and attract unsuitable customers by following the same strategies as international campaigns, but you also need to spread your reach further than certain local areas. This means that some techniques which revolve around targeting local keywords for a wider Google search reach may be closed to you. Luckily, this is where we can help. Ignite SEO can provide national SEO packages backed up by years of professional experience and extensive research into successful techniques. With our help, you can find that perfect Goldilocks strategy to situate your SEO in just the right position to reach a local audience. With a new SEO marketing strategy, you will see an increase in your websites traffic that’ll be the right traffic eg people will see your website because they want or need to see your company – its products and/or services because they’re relevant.

How do we conduct a National SEO campaign?


Content is a vital part of National SEO Services, as it makes up the bulk of your website; we help increase organic traffic to your website by improving the user experience. From blog posts to landing pages, we ensure that all forms of content improve your website & customer experience. Content marketing is a crucial element of our digital marketing strategy. By incorporating high quality content into your site, we aim to entice customers to your website. Read our blog on SEO Friendly Content for further information.


To help build the authority of your website, we focus on what search engines look for when they rank a website in search results. Most search engines, like Google, use various algorithms to determine what should rank higher. We combine a variety of off site factors in order to improve the authority of your site. Read our blog on Link Building for further information.

What makes our SEO strategies different?

We offer a comprehensive and personalised approach to SEO, helping your business get the exposure it deserves. Our bespoke SEO consulting services increase the volume of traffic to your site, and improve search engine rankings, leading to significantly more customer conversions! Using our Five Step plan, we implement SEO strategies that work.

Take the next step and start to grow your business today.

Five Step SEO Strategy

Get onto Google’s first page with our SEO success framework! In our tried-and-tested five step programme, we focus on:

Planning: Clearly outlining your business objectives, so we are able to understand your unique business needs and tailor our framework to suit you.

Analysis: Conducting an SEO audit, in which we highlight any key areas for improvement and begin extensive keyword research.

Creation: We begin to formulate SEO-rich content using AI to ensure your site ranks highly on all search engines.

Promotion: Link building and off-site SEO are incorporated to boost your website’s off-site ranking factors.

Reporting: Live reports and quarterly reflection ensures that we are able to track our SEO strategies progress, keeping a detailed account of SEO results.

The difference between national SEO and local SEO


Local SEO is the one of the best online tools for a local business who don’t need or want to target a larger audience for their products or services. For example, a local eatery would be wasting their time and money seeking national SEO through Google, as their products/services would be exclusively for people local to their business. They don’t have a need to reach out across the UK as this wouldn’t be profitable for local businesses who don’t have the ability or the want to seek a wider market. They may wish to reach out to new, local consumers but ultimately their business is a local one for local people. A local company requiring local seo would need content that included keywords for the geographical Google bots, as well as keyword placement within the website content of the services or products the company sell. It is a much simpler form of SEO than national seo, which can help a website reach a much larger audience and be the foundation to the development of potential global reach, through international SEO.


National brands, which could include a number of different industries that run businesses online, but primarily, larger corporations, online stores and franchises, benefit from national SEO where there company can reach as many consumers, on a national scale, as possible. An effective, online marketing strategy, such as SEO, can prove victorious for a UK company as it will increase traffic to their website with an unlimited number of new customers wanting to spend money on products or services relevant to them. You could also have a local seo strategy if you can serve your local community, in addition to being able to provide customers across the country with your products or services.

With SEO to target a national audience, you are convincing Google that your company is amongst the best in the country to be worthy of being shown on the first page of results. Keyword stuffing and link building were once cheap marketing tools used to trick Google, but over recent years Google has changed the way it optimises and ranks websites, now it determines the relevancy of the websites through organic ways, such as user engagement and signals. The optimisation of keywords is vital for SEO, but the clever placing of them on page seo within website content is what will keep consumers on the websites, long enough to ultimately make a purchase on a businesses products or services.

How We Do It

When it comes to building national SEO packages, Ignite SEO are at the forefront of the market. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to tailor a package that is perfectly suited to the type of business at hand. With a history of successful campaigns and a wealth of experience behind us, we are able to work flexibly and provide a fantastic source of professional, reliable advice to suit any circumstances. By using our services, you will be able to increase website clicks, consumer engagement, brand profile and ultimately revenue, taking your business to the next level across the country.

National SEO Packages

To achieve these results, we follow a framework with each of our national SEO packages, that has been proven over the years to provide a thorough and successful approach to national SEO. Of course, this is flexible depending on our clients’ needs and circumstances, but it allows us to help you as systematically and productively as possible.

Our first step when meeting a new client is to discuss your goals and work together to decide on keywords for your campaign. As part of this, you will fill out an Onboarding Questionnaire which will allow us to discover a bit more about your needs, and how we can best achieve them with you. Working closely with you all the way, we can then agree on an SEO retainer that is suited to the goals at hand.

After our initial consultation, information gathering and Kickoff meeting, we will complete an extensive list of actions to boost your SEO and improve the online presence of your business. This involves conducting in-depth audits on your website quality, current technical SEO, links, and data analysis. The results of these tests will show us where improvements can be made, and also give you a fantastic overview of where your business currently sits. We will then work with you on topic generation for content pieces, creating new pages for your website, promoting your business through incoming links. We also establish long working relationships with our clients, continuing to provide you with monthly reports following initial set-ups.

Get in touch if you would like any more information on our services and techniques. We can help you reach a national audience through proven SEO techniques that will see your business continue to thrive in the future.

National SEO FAQS

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How can a National SEO campaign help grow my business?

National SEO Services help your business target a wider audience than a local SEO ...

National SEO Services help your business target a wider audience than a local SEO strategy would. National SEO strategies aim to accumulate business from all over the country, targeting not just local consumers, but nationally.

Why not just use a Local SEO strategy?

National SEO services target a greater amount of people, ensuring that there is a ...

National SEO services target a greater amount of people, ensuring that there is a vast increase in the amount customer conversions, solely due to the higher reach. Local SEO focuses on only your specific area.

How can I find the best National SEO Agency?

There is no specific agency that can be defined as the ‘Best at National ...

There is no specific agency that can be defined as the ‘Best at National SEO’. However, by doing extensive research and outlining clear business objectives, it is easy to find an agency that suits your unique needs. Here at Ignite SEO, unlike other SEO companies, we have a ’12 Week Fast-Track’ plan, in which there are no year-long contracts or false promises. Less fuss, more focus on you.