What is Search Engine Optimisation?

You may have heard the phrase SEO tossed around a lot when starting your business and for good reason. Having a robust digital marketing strategy is key to getting your business to stand out from the many others in the United Kingdom.

Reading this, you will learn exactly what an SEO company is and why they are so important for growing your small business. We’ll cover what good digital marketing looks like, and how the best companies in the United Kingdom can help you grow!

How Is SEO Done?

An effective SEO digital marketing strategy involves a wide range of on-page and off-page SEO techniques: everything from web design to effective content creation makes a difference.

Google doesn’t explain exactly how optimising factors are prioritised in their search engine algorithm so SEO service providers tend to work across various prongs of digital marketing.

Here we will run through a few of these key factors involved in building an impactful marketing plan. Find out more about our SEO consultancy and how Ignite SEO can create a Success Framework for your business.

Content Creation

On the one hand, successful SEO is about optimising content with relevant keywords and structural layouts. But it’s also about having quality content.

You can initially boost rankings through selected keywords. However, if the content is irrelevant or boring then people won’t engage. SEO specialists work with writers to provide accessible, refreshing and engaging content across various mediums!

You’ll find that a search engine such as Google will reward businesses with higher rankings when they have popular content. Content that connects with people and doesn’t just focus on keyword optimisation is the way forward!

Not only will the search results reflect this, but your visitors will appreciate your business more thanks to it.

Framework Create

Technical SEO

This is all about fixing up your site so it can be easily found and is user-friendly. This is one of the early steps of your marketing strategy with an SEO agency – it forms the strong foundation you need to grow your brand.

Technical SEO focuses on web design and ensures that your website is well structured with effective linking throughout and has the proper use of header tags. Also, for accessibility measures, the best SEO services work to ensure your website has good loading speeds and is mobile-friendly.

As of January 2021, mobiles accounted for 55.55% of all searches compared to the desktop only having 41.61%.

This means a couple of seconds of delay when loading your website can lose your customers. Don’t underestimate how important these small things can be!

Google My Business Optimisation

Link Building and Outreach

So, your site is well designed and contains quality content. The next step to increase your traffic is through an SEO technique called link building.

Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks to your website from other high-quality websites. A search engine will favour your site if there are a large number of high-quality sites that contain hyperlinks to your own website.

This is a trickier but crucial aspect of effective SEO. A search engine will use these links to not only find new web pages, but also to factor in how well the page ranks in search results.

Building high-quality links is becoming increasingly important to effective SEO. This often involves outreach to relevant websites and various blogs within your sector.

Outreach works to form a relationship with these other websites and brands to get a link. However, it can mean more than just a link, it can be the beginning of a business relationship!

It all relies on the creation of relationships with mutually beneficial terms and instilling a level of trust in your website. For another business to choose to be linked to and from your website, they have to be able to trust that your business is valuable.

Knowing what kind of websites are worth being linked to comes with experienced SEO service providers.

A link on a popular website can garner incredible levels of referral traffic which may lead to a boost in sales. Conversely, it’s knowing what kind of websites to avoid getting links on as it adds no value to your ranking and brand identity.

SEO Framework

Social media marketing

What easier way is there to reach out to thousands (or even millions) of potential customers than social media?

This cost-effective strategy can elevate your organic search results, with very little work. The links that are gained through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be incredibly useful in achieving more exposure.

Social media also allows for direct communication with your target audience. Being able to directly talk to customers is an invaluable tool, and it creates a community around your business. It’s all about building a recognisable brand that has a strong reputation.

Additionally, a strong social media presence is useful for an SEO agency when working on local SEO. Bing includes social media links with their local listings when using the search engine. Having links to main social media profiles improves the likelihood of someone clicking the link!


What Is SEO?

This is a question we get a lot from people when they hear about the importance of SEO. Simply put, search engine optimisation (SEO) is the digital marketing process of generating website traffic through search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Website traffic simply refers to how many users are visiting a site. It shows the popularity of the site and can be used as research data for your business.

SEO aims to get your site higher on a search engine’s results, maximising the number of users who have the opportunity to click on your website. It improves site traffic by optimising the page to rank higher on the organic search results of a particular search engine.

Essentially SEO works to boost the visibility of your site so you can connect with more people who are interested in your content. If you’re writing about laptops, you want to drive techno-obsessives towards your page.

To convert a person into a buyer, you want your content to crop up in relevant search results.

We can use these complicated search algorithms to your advantage – benefiting both you and the consumer! Using an SEO agency to optimise your content won’t only make you reach higher in search listings but will also help your business grow organically and have an actual impact.

Finding your perfect United Kingdom SEO Agency:

It’s crucial to choose an affordable SEO agency that has specialist knowledge in SEO services and processes. You want SEO that has an impact, not shoddy work that could damage your business.

What is the point of boosting the visitors if they aren’t relevant to your brand? Or if it has no impact on your profit and customer behaviour? Here’s exactly what you should be looking for in SEO agencies across the United Kingdom.

Hear what makes the company so good from previous clients!

Little things like case studies, online reviews and general references is a huge indicator of success within a company. Proven past performance is exactly what you want to be looking for when gauging the compatibility of their services and your business.

If they have made an impact on a different brand, then you should hear about it! Word of mouth has been a big part of SEO ever since it began.

Find a company that matches your goals!

You don’t have to be able to draw up a detailed business plan for what you want your company to grow into, just ensure you find a company that understands your vision. Like in every industry, it’s all about partnership and working with companies that you can communicate well with.

If you take the time to create this relationship, you’ll be sure to see your revenue increasing with every piece of captivating content released!

Why Website Visibility is So Important:

You may have spent all that time creating well crafted, informative content but if no-one can find it, then what was the point? Across the United Kingdom, there are so many small businesses pushing to gain more visibility. You need to employ SEO tactics to be no.1.

Boosting your page’s visibility can be done in many ways, whether you optimise the content on your platform or you turn towards digital marketing strategies like emphasising social media exposure.

It is all about utilising the whole digital toolbelt.

You have to regularly create content, interesting imagery, build up links and get involved in the web design and coding of the site. With so many sites on the internet, you need to boost your visibility above the rest so people can appreciate your business.

What are Black Hat SEO Companies?

Blackhat SEO is a set of digital marketing practices which increase the website search engine results ranking, despite it violating the search engine’s terms of service.

You may hear the term Blackhat and Whitehat often: while it can sound confusing, they are just terms to describe good and bad practices.

Blackhat practices essentially just focus on boosting the rankings, without adding any value to the content. Even if it makes money, the techniques are deceptive and exploit a variety of loopholes available in Search Engine Optimisation practice.

It is always recommended to use a company that is aware of what good and bad SEO services are.

You will have probably come across a few sites that are following Black Hat SEO practices; poor web design with clear keyword spamming, or suspiciously robotic-sounding writing. Not only is this flagged as risky to the search engine, but it also turns away potential visitors.

There’s nothing that makes people click off a website quicker than feeling like they’re reading something unprofessional and of poor quality.

That being said, some techniques are not strictly good or bad and can lurk in a grey area.

You can still do these things, but the risk is that engines such as Google will identify your website as breaking the rules. This may result in the site being banned from the search engine – this can be devastating and tough to recover from!

How to identify a BH SEO Agency

An essential part of finding an SEO service provider that you want to work with is recognising what is good and bad practice. This way you can learn how to avoid Black Hat SEO providers. Any business with long-term growth in mind wants to avoid breaching the rules of a search engine.

Here is a guide on how to recognise Black Hat SEO agencies and what kind of things they may do! Some of the specific tactics BH agencies employ include:

  • Stuffing keywords into the page
  • Article spinning: rewriting articles without any additional value or content
  • Duplicating content on multiple pages
  • Pages with various malware, phishing and viruses
  • Text hidden throughout the page, i.e. using white text upon white backgrounds.

As with all business, reputation is everything. Engaging in riskier techniques like this can destroy your reputation, so it tends to not be worth risking a breach of the terms and conditions of a search engine.

If you’re reaching out to an SEO company and they suggest techniques like this, consider avoiding their services.

Top SEO companies in the United Kingdom have stringent policies on how to boost the rankings of a website in search engine result pages, without falling into the trap of these murky techniques. This is why we recommend doing research and finding a company with a trusted reputation in SEO services.

How to Choose The Best Small Business SEO company:

For a small company based in the United Kingdom, it might be nerve-wracking to invest in an SEO agency, but it can make a world of difference to your business! SEO can be difficult to perfect but using cheaper and riskier black hat methods can seriously damage your business in the long run.

You want to find the best company for your own business – a search engine optimisation strategy isn’t the same thing for each business.

For example, if you have an eCommerce platform then you want to be working with a company that has experience in eCommerce SEO. You want to see if they have proven success in boosting an online store’s rankings in search engine result pages (also known as SERPs).

Choose a company that has experience in guiding small businesses to grow and develop fully. Previous case studies can demonstrate this, with the ability to see just how much they were able to help the company grow.

Within this ever-changing world of online business in the United Kingdom, an understanding of SEO marketing in business is essential. You want to choose a company that grasps the need to be adaptable and creative.

Who are IgniteSEO?

Ignite SEO is a UK based company that works to deliver real results!

Based in Coventry, United Kingdom, Ignite SEO has worked with numerous small businesses to help them grow through successful SEO strategy!

With our proven SEO framework, we want to help your business zoom straight to the top of Google’s listings. Ignite understands just how difficult it can be to flourish as a small business in the United Kingdom.

With this in mind, we have developed a rigorous SEO strategy that relies on a method that has been proven to work – just take a look at our previous client’s stories to see the kind of results we can deliver.

With a huge emphasis on planning, research and communication, Ignite work to set up a solid foundation from which your business can soar.

It doesn’t just end when you implement SEO tactics and necessary changes. Building on this effective communication, we continue to monitor and assess the site’s performance. This allows us to be flexible in our approach and make any necessary alterations to keep you ranking high!

Benefits of using an SEO Services Company like IgniteSEO?

Choosing a company like IgniteSEO means your business is safe in the hands of experienced, flexible providers. You can be sure that all aspects are covered, from social media to in-depth web design.

We are experts in providing excellent technical SEO. All behind-the-scenes aspects of SEO are crucial – including knowing the ins and outs of every search engine algorithm.

As optimisation practice develops, companies like IgniteSEO are dedicated to keeping ahead of the technical changes and adjusting our approach for everyone.

You can see the results we consistently deliver in generating relevant organic website traffic. With all this experience, we know how to create personalised plans with all our new clients, proven to help their business grow and grow.


If you’re looking for the top results, then work with the top SEO companies in the United Kingdom. Companies like Ignite SEO help your business hit those growth targets, and not just make a quick buck in the short term.

Investing your time and money in high-quality SEO services will pay for itself over time. Don’t lose out on that golden opportunity to connect with more people who would love your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SEO company?

This is a company that specialises in providing a huge variety of digital marketing ...

This is a company that specialises in providing a huge variety of digital marketing services, specifically around search engine optimisation.

Top companies offer more than just content-based SEO, they can assist in creating impactful social media marketing campaigns or connecting you with other businesses.

It can be difficult to decide which SEO agencies are worth investing your money into. It is important to do in-depth research to find out who offers the best services for your business needs.

How is Social Media an important Digital Marketing tool?

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful tricks up your sleeve when ...

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful tricks up your sleeve when it comes to boosting your presence. Anyone can do it, and there are services available to help you do it well.

Firstly, it’s free! Creating an account on most social media is usually free, and building a presence through social media interaction can boost your visibility.

You can pay for advertising, but this should be a step you get around to after spending time to craft the perfect social media presence. It’s a low cost, easy to use marketing tool.

Then there is the incredible advantage of directly interacting with customers and clients – invaluable for brand loyalty and identity, but also a free research tool!

You can scope out the market, see what your competitors are doing and see first-hand how people are reacting to everything. Anyway, more people knowing about the company equals more opportunity to boost visitors to the website.

What do SEO marketing services actually do?

There is an outdated vision of SEO that solely focused on driving organic traffic ...

There is an outdated vision of SEO that solely focused on driving organic traffic through tactics like spamming keywords on webpages. However, there’s a whole world of different tactics employed in digital marketing services!

After an initial consultation, the company will do a full audit with technical and in-depth research to find out your strengths, weaknesses and goals. Finding out what kind of visitorship you’re after and the vision of the business is a huge part of the whole process.

After planning and researching, it’s time to create some perfectly optimised content! This involves adjusting and cleaning up the technical parts of the website, to creating engaging content and focusing on local SEO opportunities.

What is the best SEO company?

If you’re after a company that has delivered impactful SEO marketing campaigns for ...

If you’re after a company that has delivered impactful SEO marketing campaigns for various small businesses then IgniteSEO is the perfect choice. Based in the United Kingdom, we are leading experts in providing well developed digital marketing campaigns, with a special emphasis on technical SEO.

Is an SEO company worth it?

One of the most commonly asked questions – is it worth putting money into a ...

One of the most commonly asked questions – is it worth putting money into a trusted SEO agency? Is it that crucial to have SEO part of my digital marketing plan?

Well, here are a few facts for you:

  • According to Internet Live Stats, on average Google processes a whopping 3.5 billion searches per day.
  • According to Search Engine Journal’s poll, 49% of respondents claim that organic search is the form of digital marketing that yields the highest returns on investment.

With most online exploration being regulated by search engine algorithms, ignoring SEO is just watching profit and clientele dwindle. Why ignore this goldmine of opportunity! The stats speak for themselves: visibility and relevant traffic matters.

There is an immense opportunity available in effective search engine optimisation. Correctly optimising your website can help your business keep growing and gain bigger profits in the long term.

With so many techniques available to improve optimisation, investing in a trusted SEO agency has never been more important.

Having your results appear higher in a Google search result has benefits across every aspect of your business plan. Not only will you drive up more organic traffic, but you can build your brand identity and relationship with your customers.

Choose SEO specialists

We spoke previously about Black Hat SEO practices and the severe damage it can ...

We spoke previously about Black Hat SEO practices and the severe damage it can do to your business if caught and penalised.

This is so important to remember – the top SEO service providers in the United Kingdom are worth investing in so you can avoid falling into these traps. If a company or individual is offering simplistic marketing services at a surprisingly low price, there’s probably a reason why.

Working with an SEO service based in the United Kingdom is more than just standard SEO practice – you can have a team who fully understands the business landscape in the UK! Don’t settle for basic services when you can have in-depth, research-led strategies from teams that you can trust.

So why ignore this readily available key to success? Use an SEO services company like Ignite SEO that can deliver the results you’ve been searching for!