Why Hire An SEO Consultant?

Under close inspection, the majority of digital marketers will discover that their business’ website is underperforming.

Whether it’s turning a low profit or losing money, if you don’t have an SEO expert on your side, it’s likely you’re not quite dotting the ‘i’s’ and crossing the ‘t’s’ that will really enable your site to take off.

Search Rankings

Rapidly improve your website's performance

As such, your Freelance SEO Consultant’s overarching goal is to improve your website’s performance as quickly and efficiently as possible; with the right strategy in place, there’s absolutely no reason why your website’s performance shouldn’t improve rapidly.

Racing up search engine rankings, chalking up much higher organic traffic and increasing conversion rates are the effects an SEO Specialist should have and at Ignite SEO, such success is something we take great care and pride in achieving.

As a result, our clients, past and present, can attest to the rapid upturn in fortunes they’ve experienced under our mentorship. If you’d like to experience similar success, get in touch and we’ll arrange a time and date to discuss our passions and your SEO goals.

Build your brand awareness

In basic terms, brand awareness is the way that your target audience remembers and engages with your business. The better and more recognisable your brand, the more familiar and trusting your userbase will be and thus the more likely they will be to engage with you.

To put a finer word on it, brand awareness gives you value and value is the lifeblood of the SEO industry. It should be at the forefront of any good SEO service.

Therefore, it’s vital that you develop a recognisable, trusted brand amongst your target userbase and to do this, your SEO Consultant will focus on several different aspects of the user experience:

Usefulness: your content needs to be relevant, high-quality and applicable.

Desirability: your site, content and products should be appealing and engaging to your target userbase.

Accessibility: your website should be usable and navigable for all – ask yourself: ‘is my site accessible to those with poor or no vision?’

Credibility: your website should demonstrate authority within its subject area. This develops trust and most importantly of all…

Value: tick all of these boxes, and your userbase will view your brand as valuable, meaning they will return to you and your site time and again to fulfil their niche needs.

Ensure your SEO is always up to date

SEO is an ever-evolving environment and it’s vital that you and your business site stay abreast of those changes. Only this year did Google move the goalposts and update its search engine algorithms, for example.

It’s your Freelance SEO Consultant’s professional obligation to stay up to date with the changes in the SEO spectrum so that your business continues to rank on search engine results pages.

Should you hire an Ignite SEO specialist, you can rest assured that all of your content is optimised in line with the latest requirements.

We use some of the best SEO agency tools available such as Ahrefs, Semrush for keyword research, to analyse competitors top pages, and use Pitchbox to outreach to hundreds of websites on a daily basis to find niche relevant back link opportunities to build your sites authority along with many more.

SEO Time

Save your time

Even if you yourself are an SEO Specialist, producing your own search engine optimised content can be an incredibly time-consuming process.

Moreover, if, like the majority of those entering the online marketing world, you have a full-time job, family and other interests to pursue, regularly producing relevant, high-quality content can become nigh-on impossible.

That’s where SEO Consultant Services can help.

They will take on every aspect of your SEO content production, utilising the latest SEO tools to ensure that the content meets your needs while, importantly, helping that needle move on your affiliate site.

So, hire a quality SEO Company and you can sit back and relax while your site fills with high-quality content that gets its ranking on search engines.

Why Choose Ignite SEO Consultancy Services?

In short, Ignite SEO Consultancy Services hits all the criteria necessary for a successful search engine marketing campaign.

Company Director Adam Collins and his team collectively boast decades of experience in the industry and so easily tick the ‘Experienced SEO Consultant‘ box. What’s more, each member of the Ignite SEO team has extensive knowledge and experience working within all four, major subgenres of SEO and indeed other digital marketing topics.

This allows the Ignite team to turn their expertise to any business niche and marketing requirement; the success the team has achieved since the company’s inception in 2020 stands testament to this invaluable experience.

That is to say, this team is proven and you can see that success reflected in the numerous client testimonials

What To Look For In An SEO Consultant


Experience is pivotal in SEO.

Yes, those who’ve recently come out of education might know the technicalities of the process, but they don’t yet understand the intricacies of the market. Hence, we’d recommend finding an SEO Company or Consultant with at least 5 years of experience in the industry.

For example, here at Ignite SEO, our lead Consultant Adam Collins boasts over 10 years of experience working in SEO and has helped hundreds of businesses rank higher, grow their sales and breed success.

Proven success

Proven success is a must when seeking SEO Consultancy Services or indeed an individual SEO Specialist. Admittedly this tip isn’t too dissimilar to ‘Experience’, however, one can have years of experience in the industry without generating much success.

Thus, when choosing an SEO Consultant to whom you’ll entrust your affiliate content, make sure you view their customer testimonials. More often than not SEO Consultancy Services have both a section dedicated to reviews on their website and a Trustpilot page. So do your research!

If you come across SEO consultancy for which you can’t locate any testimonials, it’s time to keep looking.

You can find customer testimonial case studies regarding Ignite SEO, towards the bottom of the page.

Expertise across all areas of SEO

There are 4 branches to the SEO tree and so it’s good practice to engage an SEO Consultant who has expertise across all of them.

They include:

On-Page SEO: The process of optimising content to rank higher in search engines.

Off-Page SEO: All SEO activities implemented outside of your website. For example, link building, brand building, social media marketing etc.

Technical SEO: Technical SEO refers to the optimisation of your website and servers to help search engines crawl, access and index your website more effectively.

Local SEO: An SEO content strategy that aims to optimise your website for the needs and wants of a specific region. This enables your business to forge a solid, local foundation from which you can expand into a broader market.

Knowledge of other digital marketing topics

Finding a masterful SEO Consultant is one thing, however, what truly sets the top SEO Consultants apart from the rest is their knowledge of other marketing topics.

For example, does your chosen expert have a working knowledge of conversion rate optimisation (CRO)? Do they also specialise in creating the perfect User Experience (UX), i.e. how users navigate your website?

There’s a growing pool of thought that the likes of CRO and UX are the future of SEO, so if you truly want a comprehensive SEO strategy that will last long-term, these are certain qualities your chosen SEO Specialists should have.

Aligns with your values

Many SEO Consultants would turn their nose up at this particular list item. However, it’s important to make sure that your chosen SEO Consultants share your values.

Things to consider are: what you wish to offer your userbase, why you want to deliver it to them and how you want to convey it?

Furthermore, there is a vast array of SEO tactics and strategies that freelance consultants can employ to get their clients ranking on search engines and their conversion rates climbing. Crucially, some of these can be viewed as underhand.

For example, if you hope to promote a specific item, some SEO Consultants would recommend inventing supporting content storylines that help to promote the said item.

In that instance, while the value of the item remains steadfast, the content used to market it is not, and some may feel this is an ethically questionable approach.

Ultimately, then, it’s advisable to ensure that your SEO Consultant’s methods and values align with yours. From thereon, all the other aspects of your SEO campaign will fall into place.

Good communication

Excellent communication is vital to a successful client-SEO Expert relationship.

Therefore, when you approach SEO Consultants, it’s advisable to consider how they communicate with your team.

Are they receptive to your ideas? Are they articulate? Are they affable?

The latter question sounds superficial but when you’re putting the content of your business in the hands of another, it’s crucial to share a positive, trusting working relationship with them.

How to rank your website in Google 2020 - Video

Adam Collins: The Man Behind The Success Over ten years of experience in SEO

Ignite SEO Company Director Adam Collins boasts over 10 years of direct experience working within the SEO industry as a Freelance SEO Consultant.

Over this decade of work, he has accumulated and refined an exceptional understanding of search engine optimisation strategy and search engine marketing across all strands of SEO.

Utilising these skills, both with SEO Consultant Service Currant Web and since forming Ignite SEO in 2020, Adam has helped small, medium and large business enterprises hone and increase their online presence, revenues and growth.

Ignite SEO

Accomplished public speaker

Further to his experience as an SEO Expert, Adam Collins is a highly accomplished public speaker and has utilised his skills in both arenas to host educational and inspirational talks for fellow industry professionals.

This success as a public speaker and SEO Expert makes him an articulate, understanding and invaluable ally for many clients around the world.

An expert who the experts listen to, Adam takes great pride in helping struggling and plateauing businesses turn a corner, a principle that Ignite SEO was founded upon.

Business Growth

Contributed to the growth of hundreds of businesses

Having witnessed the struggle many businesses have endured since the inception of Brexit and then the Covid-19 pandemic, Adam was inspired to apply his skills and knowledge to help nurture them through this tumultuous time and ultimately come out stronger. Thus Ignite SEO was born.

His recognition that to survive and, indeed, thrive through this period of economic decline requires the expertise of a team of highly experienced SEO Consultants has yielded great success for countless clients around the world

More specifically, Adam and his team have helped hundreds of businesses rank higher, grow sales and future-proof their SEO business model for years to come.

SEO Optimization

Committed to SEO with a laser focus

Adam Collins and his team at Ignite SEO utilise a 5 step SEO Success Framework designed to help tailor each SEO campaign to the individual, thus generating the best possible results as quickly as possible.

  1. Plan.
  2. Analyse.
  3. Create.
  4. Promote.
  5. Reporting.

This simple framework allows Ignite to design and execute your new search engine optimisation plan with precision.

Moreover, as SEO and search engines are constantly evolving, Ignite maintain a commitment to your business long after the strategy is implemented, as demonstrated by the ‘Reporting’ phase of the Framework.

This will ensure your business and strategy stay at the cutting edge of the latest SEO requirements and continues to progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An SEO Consultant?

What Is An SEO Consultant?

An SEO Consultant is an ...

What Is An SEO Consultant?

An SEO Consultant is an industry expert that works closely with their client to devise and implement a tailored SEO strategy to help their business profit.

As such, the scope of an SEO Consultant’s focus includes methods to heighten a client website’s ranking on Google and other search engines, thus increasing its visibility to potential clientele and generating more traffic.

Furthermore, it is also the job of an SEO Consultant to help convert that increased traffic to sales and thus generate a higher profit for a company.

To aid this process, an experienced SEO Consultant will utilise various tools and techniques.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Conducting extensive market and keyword research.
  • Optimising your website’s content to engage and increase returning organic traffic.
  • Reviewing and replacing existing backlinks in order to increase productivity.
  • To provide expert insight and coaching to arm clients with the tools to keep your business on an upward trajectory.

How quickly will SEO grow my business?

How quickly will SEO grow my business?

The pace of the growth ...

How quickly will SEO grow my business?

The pace of the growth of your business is subjective to your niche and competition. It’s therefore difficult to give a definitive answer to this question without first getting in touch and utilising the ‘Plan’ and ‘Analyse’ phases of our 5 Step SEO Success Framework.

That being said, client testimonials available on our website can provide an indication of the relative pace at which our precision-based SEO strategy can help grow your business.

Do I need an SEO expert?

Do I need an SEO expert?

If your online business is plateauing ...

Do I need an SEO expert?

If your online business is plateauing or declining, it’s likely that you would benefit from the guidance of a Freelance SEO Consultant or agency.

This rule applies even if you have great proficiency with search engine optimisation techniques yourself as, if your website is struggling, then your current SEO campaigns are no longer sufficient.

Is hiring SEO consultants worth it?

Is hiring SEO consultants worth it?

This depends on the Freelance SEO ...

Is hiring SEO consultants worth it?

This depends on the Freelance SEO Consultant that you hire. The internet is awash with self-proclaimed saviour SEO agencies who claim to be able to get your site ranking #1 on search engines and send your conversion rates into the stratosphere with minimum effort.

However, the vast majority of the SEO services that make these claims often flatter to deceive. As a result, it’s important not to select your Freelance SEO Consultant on a whim.

If you do your research well and acquire SEO services from a genuine agency, then hiring an SEO Consultant is definitely worth it.

Can I learn how to do technical SEO myself?

Can I learn how to do technical SEO myself?

You can indeed ...

Can I learn how to do technical SEO myself?

You can indeed learn how to conduct Technical, On-page and Off-page SEO yourself. In fact, at Ignite SEO, we actively encourage it.

Company Director Adam Collins regularly gives talks and lectures in this area and so if you’d like to learn from us while we work with you, we’ll be more than happy to pass on our wisdom.

Are digital marketing services expensive?

Are digital marketing services expensive?

Internet Marketing Services should always provide a ...

Are digital marketing services expensive?

Internet Marketing Services should always provide a client with value for money, so if you ever feel like you’re paying above and beyond the service you’re receiving, it’s time to stop and reassess your options.

Broadly, hourly rates in the UK cost between £50 – £150.

At Ignite SEO, we provide a wide variety of services and prices in order to accommodate our client’s every need and circumstance. If you’d like to receive a free SEO consultation and quote, we’d love to hear from you.

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