Who is Deborah Meaden from Dragons Den?

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Deborah is a well-known tv personality, she is well known for her appearance as a Dragon on the BBC one show, Dragon’s Den.

She is known by others as a tv star, appearing in various shows such as Strictly come dancing which are also aired on BBC One. She appeared on the show in 2013 together with professional dancer Robin Windsor and was unfortunately eliminated from the show.

The star was also seen to have appeared in a number of other tv shows and tv series. Among these are Would I lie to you?, the tv series Beast of a Man(episode 8), Good morning Britain, and many more.

What is Deborah Meaden’s net worth?

According to celebritynetworth.com, she is currently worth 60million dollars. This is a way less than her two fellow Dragons Peter Jones and Touker Suleyman, but still more than most. The list of all the net worth of the dragons is in our article Dragons Den Net Worth – Who Is The Richest Dragon.

Who is Deborah Meaden?

Deborah is an English-born citizen, happily married to her husband Paul since 1993. They live in a period property near Langport in Somerset. They met as Paul was working at Weststar during his university break.

She is an actor, successful entrepreneur, investor, and businesswoman. She is also currently a board member of Tusk Trust and was also once a judge for the Observer Ethical Awards. She is also an ambassador for the Marine Conservation Society.

Deborah also is known to have set up one of the first Stefanel fashion franchises in the UK together with her business partner. She resorted to selling her stake in the company a while later to the business partner for about 10000dollars.

Together with the clothing company Stefanel, she took a prize bingo concession at Butlin.

Deborah is also an author, having written a book titled Commons Sense Rules which was released in 2010. In this book, she gives advice on entrepreneurship and we also see her share a couple of her secrets.

How old is Deborah Meaden?

Deborah was born on the 11th of February 1959 making her 62 this year(2021).

What is Deborah Meaden’s background?

Deborah was born in Taunton Somerset England. While she was still a young girl, her parents divorced and she and her sister moved with their mother to Brightlingsea in Essex. Her mother remarried there.

She attended Towbridge high school for girls and further went to study management at Brighton Technical College upon finishing her O-levels. She then managed to launch her first investment straight out of college.

From slot machines to millions

At the age of 19, Deborah moved to Italy and made her first investment. It was a glass and ceramics export agency. Her main customers were retailers, including some from England.

Despite being an enthusiastic entrepreneur, the glass and ceramics investment fell off within 18 months of its birth.

As the years went she then ventured into the family business in 1988, which was started by her mother and stepfather. She used to be in charge of running the operations of their amusement arcade.

She also joined Weststar holidays in 1992 which ran a family holiday business. Within two years she was promoted to managing director. She led a management buyout of the company in 1999 and later sold the company six years later to Phoenix Equity Partners Ltd. By this time, Weststar holidays had provided holidays for more than 150000 people per year. She remained with a stake in the company until it was later sold off to new owners in 2007.

Deborah has gone on to invest in many other businesses with each brand she invests in highly likely to become a success. From the amusement park to the management buyout at Weststar, to being part of Dragons den, Deborah has proved to be built for business. She is willing to invest in anything; even ice cream.

When did Deborah Meaden join Dragons’ Den?

Deborah Meaden joined Dragons’ Den in 2006, replacing Rachael. She was the only female Dragon for a while before others joined in in the later series. She was in the panel alongside the well-known entrepreneurs and investors Peter Jones, Tej Lalvani, Sara Davies, and Touker Suleyman.

Always seeking opportunities

Talking to daily mail once she encouraged others to always seek out new opportunities. Encouraging to use each opportunity as a tool for success. The interview is available on their site. This is just one example of much advice she gives.

How many companies Deborah Meaden own?

Deborah has 29 known investments from her time with the BBC one show Dragon’s Den. With her work ethic, she is unlikely to be content with this number and probably seeks to go as high as she can before she retires.


Apart from being one of the biggest entrepreneurs with multiple businesses in the UK, Deborah is involved in a lot of charity work. Articles about her projects are found on her website www.deborahmeaden.com/myprojects. Some projects highlighted on the site are Lendwithcare, MicroLoan, and more.

Deborah also offers business advice to people on her website.

Deborah Meadens Businesses

Deborah as a businesswoman, currently runs Good Bubble, Yee Kwan ice cream company, Fox Brothers, Hope and Ivy, and many more investments. Being part of the Dragons’ den, it is quite obvious that she will be adding more soon.

Who is Deborah Meaden’s husband Paul?

Paul Meadan does not share much about himself with people. There is little known about him apart from his birthday and perhaps that he is married to Deborah. He appears to celebrate his birthday on the first of February and looks to be in his 60s.

He was working for Deborah at Weststar when they met in 1985. They separated but later got married in 1993, and for over 30 years, they remained together.

Deborah Meaden children

Deborah and Paul have had no children since they were married. They however enjoy the company of their animal friends at their 10 bedroom house in Somerset and seem to be content with this type of life.

Deborah Meaden twitter

You can follow Deborah on Twitter for the latest news on any new business investment @DeborahMeaden