Who is Levi Roots from dragons’ den? What’s his net worth and which business does he run

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Levi Roots Dragons Den

Levi Roots appeared on Dragons’ Den in 2007 after being invited by Peter Jones, one of the Judges. Levi managed to convince two investors, Richard Farleigh and Peter Jones, to invest in his business. He was offered 50,000 pounds in exchange for 40% shares of his company. After Roots’ appearance on the reality show, the sauce gained so much fame, and in February 2009, Sainsbury’s were interested in stocking it.

Who is Levi Roots

Levi Roots, also known as Keith Valentine Graham, is a British-Jamaican reggae musician, television personality, celebrity chef, author, and businessman. Born on the 24th of June 1958, his story began in a tiny little village in Clarendon, Jamaica. He grew up under his grandmother’s wings, whom he loved helping in the kitchen. In return, his grandmother taught him tips and tricks of mixing Caribbean flavours, herbs, and spices to make a meal taste fantastic.

Levi’s parents were in Brixton at that time, working hard so that Levi and his siblings would join them to live in England. Levi Roots moved to England in the 1970s; later on, he visited Notting Hill Carnival and fell in love with the music and food there. Little did he know that the place would be the breeding zone for all his dreams.

In 1991 while in Brixton, Levi made a unique sauce from his kitchen with the help of his seven children. He began selling the sauce, and surprisingly people fell in love with it. However, he faced problems as banks and other businesses refused to invest in the product.

Levi never gave up on his dreams, no matter the challenges he faced. His breakthrough came in 2006 when he was spotted by a BBC researcher at the World Food Market; he was then invited to appear on the program Dragon’s Den. Levi knew nothing about the show; he’d never heard about it before. Although he doubted everything, his mother encouraged him to go, and that’s when his success began.

The reggae reggae sauce was a success, and he was offered 50,000 pounds in exchange for a 40% stake in his business. Peter Jones, Dragons’ Den judge, made Levi’s dream become a reality by getting the sauce listed on Sainsbury’s.

Levi roots reggae reggae sauce

The sauce is a jerk barbecue sauce produced by Levi Roots. This sauce became a success in 2004 as 4000 bottles were sold at the Notting Hill Carnival.

The same year Roots took the sauce to a food trade show, and that’s when he met the BBC producer who asked him to appear on Dragons’ Den.

Levi’s first appearance on the Dragons’ Den show was in February 2007, and it was during the first episode of the fourth series. He wanted to trade a 20% equity stake in Reggae reggae sauce with 50, 000 pounds of investment from the Dragons, but instead, he was offered 50, 000 pounds for a 40% stake in his business by two Dragons, Peter Jones and Richard Farleigh.

Roots’ appearance on the Dragons’ Den show led to his success as Sainsbury’s begun to order his sauce in all its 600 stores. His successful spicy sauce made him sing a song about it titled “Reggae Reggae Sauce”, one of his children appeared in the song, and it also featured a cameo from peter Jones. The monies raised from the song went to comic relief.

In 2010, a grocer magazine stated that a range of ready meals was to be launched, and Roots had mentioned that the value of his brand had reached 30 million pounds.

Levi roots restaurant

In 2015, Levi Roots opened his first restaurant at Westfield Stratford City in partnership with Las Iguanas Co-founder Eren Ali. The restaurant served authentic, accessible Caribbean cuisine.

With his brand gaining so much popularity in the city, he thought it right to open a restaurant so people could enjoy the taste of authentic Caribbean food.

Sadly, in 2019 the restaurant could not capitalise on Root’s fame, so he closed it down. Root posted a message on Twitter apologising to his team and customers about the closing of the restaurant. In the tweet, he said, “SO SORRY! Unfortunately, I have to announce my restaurant @levismokehouse is closing today! The most dreadful thing is letting down my brilliant team, I tried my utmost to avoid this, but the party is over, and all good things come to an end. Sorry to the customers too.

Even though the restaurant was closed, the reggae reggae source is still available in many shops in the UK as many people still love it today. It is also available in online shops such as amazon, etc.

Levi Roots’ net worth

According to Wikipedia, Levi Roosts’ net worth is 45 million pounds. Among the dragons, who is behind Levi Roots’ net worth? Check out our article Dragons Den Net Worth – Who Is The Richest Dragon to find out.

Levi Roots’ books and television

Levi has written many cookbooks. His first cookbook, ”

Reggae cookbook, was published in 2008 with the help of his investor, Peter Jones. The book consists of chapters whereby Levi explains his story of how he ended up in London and how he knew about the Caribbean ingredients.
In 2009, Levi had a television cooking show, “Caribbean Food Made Easy,” on BBC2, and he also published another book with the same title. The show made Levi gain so much popularity as he travelled around the UK, showing how to cook Caribbean food at home.

In 2010 he appeared on Celebrity Mastermind and came second place with 13 points; later on, he also appeared on Big Brother, where he cooked a Caribbean meal for the housemates. In 2011 he appeared in a comedy movie, Anuvahood, and in 2018 he also appeared in a series, Death in paradise, where he landed as Billy Springer.

Levi Root’s Family

Levi Roots fathered eight children from seven different mothers. But he never married to have a wife, till today he is not married. In 2018 it was reported that he did not pay for child support, and at least 4 children were struggling to get support; one of his children was said to be homeless after he couldn’t get any help.

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