Who is Peter Jones from Dragons Den?

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He is one of the pioneers of the Dragons den and the richest on the panel as of late followed by one of his panel hosts Deborah Meaden. He is an entrepreneur, businessman, and tv personality.

What is Peter Jones net worth?

According to Sunday Times Rich List 2020, Peter Jones CBE has a net worth of 450million pounds. Though not a billionaire, this still makes him one of the richest people in Britain. The next richest dragon is found in our article Dragons Den Net Worth – Who Is The Richest Dragon

Who is Peter Jones?

Born on the 18th of March 1966, Peter Jones is an entrepreneur of British origin. He has a major interest in mobile phones, television, and property among other things.

Peter is also well known for being a tv personality, appearing on the BBC show Dragons Den.

Peter was appointed the Commander of the British Empire(CBE) in 2009 hence being rightfully referred to as Peter Jones CBE.

He is also a car enthusiast. His first car is known to have been an Alpha RomeoAlfasud. He has gone to own a number of luxury sports cars too.

Peter Jones Early beginnings

Peter was born in Berkshire, UK. Growing up, he developed an interest in tennis which, eventually, would become the very launching pad of his life as one of the best-known entrepreneurs.

At the age of 13, he approached his English teacher, Mr. John Woodward, for an opportunity of a job at a summer tennis camp he ran. Here, Peter paid close attention to how John ran the camp and how he would market it, and figured it was something he can learn to do.

Peter Jones businesses

Peter started a tennis coaching school in one of the local clubs in Windsor at the age of 16 after finishing his Lawn Tennis Association coaching exams. He, later on, started a computer services company in his early twenties.

Peter was never content with just doing little. The starting of a tennis coaching school gave him a taste of business giving him the courage to also start a cocktail bar in Windsor on top of the computer business.

Peter did not stop here but went on to make many other investments. He is known to have invested in many products and brands including Wonderland Magazine.

What was Peter Jones’s first business?

The tennis coaching school was Peter’s first official business. By the time he was 18, it was a huge success in this business as more and more people demanded his services.

With the business flourishing, Jones went on to buy his first car with the money he was getting from his tennis business.

How many businesses does Peter invest in?

Peter is known to have investments in more than 40 businesses. Among these are the Wonderland magazine, Data Select, Square mile international, High Street, and Red Letter Days. With his enterprise skills and experience, he has been able to sustain all of these, employing over 1000 people in the process.

Which is Peter Jones’s biggest company?

Peter’s biggest investment has been in Levi Root’s Reggae Reggae sauce. He invested, together with his fellow Dragon Richard Farleigh, 50,000 dollars in the brand for a 40% cut.

The Reggae Reggae sauce is currently found in almost every shop across Britain and is now a trusted brand.

Peter Jones Downfall

When telling his story, Peter confesses that perhaps one of the greatest mistakes of his life was not taking credit insurance for his computer services investment. Being one of his major income sources, he was left devasted by its demise.

When the recession hit in the 1980s, a lot of companies with which he worked fell. In turn, his company also fell and went out of business forcing him to go back into paid employment. thankfully his parents offered support by allowing him to come back into their home.

Peter had lost his house, car, and much of his property. He was forced to restart from scratch to get back to similar heights.


Peter joined Siemens Nixdorf at 28 where he worked for a little while. He never remained content with his job but later started his own company, Phones International Group, where he is currently the chief executive officer.

Despite other expected hardships, he has since risen to become the richest Dragon on the Dragon’s Den panel.

Peter Jones Dragons’ Den

Peter is the only original Dragon’s Den personality remaining on the show which he has been on since it was first aired on BBC in 2005. The show was first aired on BBC 2 before shifting to BBC 1. He also appears on the American tv series American Inventor

Other Dragon Den members include James Caan, Sarah Davies, Kelly Hoppen, Tej Lavani.

Peter Jones Foundation

The Peter Jones Foundation was started in 2005 by  Peter Jones CBE. This foundation among other things has a competition called Tycoon in schools around the UK.

Tycoon is an enterprise competition aimed at creating young entrepreneurs.  Over 10,000 students benefit from the support offered by this enterprise competition, having been able to develop into fine entrepreneurs.

The Peter Jones Foundation also has programmes such as Foundation for Enterprise and Foundation for Children. Under this foundation also is the Peter Jones Enterprise academy.

Peter Jones Enterprise Academy

The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy was started in 2007 and has since had over 3500 graduates. More about this academy is found on the website peterjonesfoundation.org.

The enterprise academy offers programmes solely focussed on developing entrepreneurs with the right enterprise skills to create a successful business.

Peter was motivated to teach young entrepreneurs after noting his mistakes. He has since testified on many interviews of how he wishes he had known what he knows now then despite being successful.

Peter Jones wife

Peter currently is unmarried but has been with his partner Tara Capp since 2008. He has 5 children, three with Tara and 2 with his first partner Caroline Jones(divorced). Their names are Isabella jones, Annabel Jones, William Jones, Talullah jones, and Natalia jones.

Tara Capp is the founder of a lifestyle brand, Truly.

Peter Jones House

Peter made a home of his house in Beaconsfield, UK. Here he lives with his partner Tara and their children.