Who is Sarah Willingham? What’s her net worth & which businesses does she run?

Who is Sarah Willingham? What’s her net worth & which businesses does she run?

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Sarah Willingham Net Worth

Sarah Willingham net worth is estimated to be worth £12 million which is $19 million.

Who is Sarah Willingham?

Sarah Louise Willingham, born on 21 December 1973 (age 47) in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom, is a British entrepreneur, investor, and consumer champion best known for her success in the management of high-street restaurants such as Planet Hollywood and Pizza Express. In the mid-2000s, her business The Bombay Bicycle Club took over the restaurant business.

Sarah Kept on growing and expanding her name as she served as a “dragon” on the show Dragons’ Den a BBC’s Reality show. She’s appeared on the show alongside the likes of Deborah Meaden. Her appearance on the show as a “Dragon” on the thirteenth and fourteenth series of Dragons’ Den, also stood as a platform where she established herself.

Willingham began her career as a manager, working at restaurants such as Chessageed Delights, Planet Hollywood, and Pizza Express.

Sarah attended Oxford Brookes University and La Rochelle Business School, in 2004 she received an MBA from Cranfield University. This also happens to be the same year she purchased The Bombay Bicycle Club. She bought The Bombay Bicycle Club in 2004 with The Clapham House Group and enlarged it to become the largest Indian restaurant chain in the United Kingdom. Willingham sold her stake of the company to The Clapham Group in 2007, where she remained a keyboard member responsible for three of the company’s four brands (Tootsies, The Real Greek, and The Bombay Bicycle Club) which include more than 50 restaurants with over 1,500 employees.

Willingham co-founded Neutra Health plc, an AIM-listed company that acquired six vitamin and mineral supplement businesses before being sold to Indian company Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd in 2011.

She co-founded a private equity platform in the United Kingdom in April 2008.

Willingham bought the London Cocktail Club in 2010. In 2011, the first cocktail bar opened on London’s Goodge Street. The London Cocktail Club opened their second cocktail bar on Shaftesbury Avenue in February 2012, and their third on Great Portland Street London in 2013. There are now eight bars, the most recent opened in September 2018 in Bristol.

She was also called one of the most influential women under 35 in the United Kingdom by Management Today. Willingham was called one of The Sunday Times “500 Most Influential People in Britain” in January 2016. Willingham received honorary doctorates from Staffordshire University in 2017 and Cranfield University and Oxford Brookes University in 2018 in recognition of her contributions to business and entrepreneurship.

Sarah has done well in business and has ranked on the top list of famous people who were born on December 21, 1973, Sarah has also been in the first position of famous people aged 45. Sarah is one of the richest entrepreneurs that were born in England. She also has a position among the list of Most Popular Entrepreneur.

Willingham worked as a restaurant inspector and investor on three seasons of Raymond Blanc’s The Restaurant, as well as on the Sky television series Cooks to Market as an independent investor. She has appeared on Daybreak, This Morning, The Wright Things, and Sky News, among others.

When and how did Sarah Willingham become famous?

Willingham and Clapham House Group’s David Page, the former CEO of Pizza Express, bought The Bombay Bicycle Club in 2014. The company expanded from a six- restaurant Indian restaurant chain that was losing money to a 17-restaurant chain that was profitable.

She left the company in 2007 when she sold her share to The Clapham House Group, but she remained on the board of directors, managing Tootsies, The Real Greek, and The Bombay Bicycle Club. The Craft Cocktail Company and London Cocktail Club, both of which she co-founded in 2017, are her food and beverages projects. Sarah is also a co-founder of Neutra Health Plc, an AIM-listed health company that she established in the year 2004 and sold to Indian competitor Elder Pharmaceuticals in 2011.

Managed the world’s most successful food chains such as Pizza Express and Planet Hollywood

Sarah led the international expansion of Pizza Express and Planet Hollywood when she was in her twenties, before doing it alone and buying The Bombay Bicycle Club, which she turned into the United Kingdom’s largest chain of Indian restaurants. These accomplishments helped her develop herself as a key figure in the restaurant industry.

What business does Sarah Willingham own?

The Bombay Bicycle Club

This is a restaurant chain that has grown and spread out in many locations throughout the United States and California. The chain of restaurants, however, originated as an Indian restaurant chain, the inspiration came from the investment club founded by Joe Hunt a club that was known as the Billionaire Boys Club.

Neutra health

This is a company that has to deal with organic foods and healthy foods and the company also sold vitamins and supplements and other minerals.


Craft Gin Club

In this business investment, Sarah made customers receive artisan gin and mixers, as well as delicious treats and a copy of the club’s journal, every month as a part of s subscription service.

The den was impressed by the company, which was founded in 2015 by Jon Hulme and John Burke and Touker Souleyman, Sarah Willingham, Deborah Meaden, and Peter Jones all made offers.

After a tense negotiation, the pair approved Willingham’s bid of £75,000 in return for a 12.5 per cent equity; the investor’s prosperous experience in the spirits industry, as well as her surprising revelation that she was already a Craft Gin Club client, made her their preferred Dragon.

The company is now capitalizing on the marketing advantage it can provide to beverage and snack companies by sending items to its subscribers. Crafts Club launched a second subscription serviced, Bubble Club, in May 2016, that focuses on sparkling wines rather than gin.

Craft Gin Club and Bubble Club have a combined 25,000 active customers, 150,000 newsletter subscribers, and 400,000 social media followers.

Craft Club was named one of the top 100 start-ups in the United Kingdom earlier this year, ranked 14th overall, and the company’s 2017 turnover is expected to reach £7.5 million, according to the company.

London Cocktail Club and Tonkotsu

This is a club Sarah Willingham has invested in and she is the chief executive of the group and also a co-founder of London Cocktail Club and she is the same with Tonkotsu Group. The club is also to be expanded to create a group of bars and target even a wider target area of about 40 sites just in London and spread out to other major cities in the United Kingdom.

What is Sarah Willingham’s salary?

Sarah Willingham’s salary like most people is kept private but with her net worth of $19 million must tell that her salary is huge.

Dragons den Sarah Willingham

The number of investments made?

Sarah had made 3 investments in the BBC’s reality show.

The largest sum invested?

The largest investment she ever made went up to £40,000.

Most successful investment on the show

Sublime Science

Grounded Body Scrub, Sublime Science, and Vitiglow were among Willingham’s three investments in series 13 of the show. After the broadcast, neither Grounded Body Scrub, in which she invested £30,000 for a 45 per cent stake nor Vitiglow, in which she invested £40,000 for a 40 per cent stake, went through.

Willingham and Nick Jenkins invested £50, 000 in Sublime science for a 10% stake in the business which has received offers from four of the five Dragons, offers children’s science parties, seminars, and stage shows, claiming to have performed for over 500, 000 children in its eight-year existence. It is uncertain if Willingham or Jenkins are still working for the company.

Why Sarah Willingham leave Dragons Den?

The Bombay Bicycle Club owner announced that she has decided to quit after her husband Michael Toxvaerd was diagnosed with colon cancer while on vacation. Apart from her husband being sick another reason was that even if she had wanted to film her third season of Dragons Den, she would have had to interrupt the family’s vacation and move her family to Manchester for two months. In as much as she loved the show, she felt family time was more important.

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