Who is Touker Suleyman from Dragons Den? What’s his net worth & which businesses does he run?

Who is Touker Suleyman from Dragons Den? What’s his net worth & which businesses does he run?

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File:Touker Suleyman.jpg“File:Touker Suleyman.jpg” by Harley Moon Kemp is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Touker Suleyman is a fashion retail entrepreneur, investor, and businessman born on August 4, 1953, in Famagusta, Cyprus. He is a Turkish Cypriot who grew up in London after his family moved to the UK when he was five years old. He attended school in Peckham, South London. He is a businessman with humble beginnings and a success story plus 40 years of experience in the retail industry. He is currently not married but has two daughters.

Growing up, Suleyman worked alongside his parents in their family restaurant, and he credits his success to the skills he learnt from his father during this time. While 10 years old, he once missed school for a year after suffering a severe hand infection that nearly got his left hand amputated.

When he left school with eight O levels, Touker worked as a chartered accountant doing small work for dentists, doctors, and small businesses for £5.5 a week. While he acknowledges this time as having been a good learning experience, Touker found the work tedious. He joined the Southampton Row Firm to fulfil his father’s wish to enter a certain profession though as an articled clerk, he earned a minor.

Currently, Suleyman lives in London with his two daughters Tashia, aged 22 and Taya, aged 19. The identity of their mother has been kept off the media. He is also said to be single as his romantic side is also guarded.

Touker Suleyman dragons den

He joined the BBC series in 2015 and has invested almost £2 million. His notable investments include Timberkits, Bad Brownie, Collagin, and Beamblock Yoga, an elevated platform design for people doing yoga. The design is placed on top of a yoga mat to increase flexibility. It is colour coded, so participants are guided to achieve an accurate body position and measure any progress. Touker invested with Peter Jones, one of the original dragons since the show began.

In 2019 Touker did not appear on Dragons Den because he was recovering from an illness that had occurred while filming was in progress. He was replaced by Theo Paphitis, which he is likened to because of a near shared background. His familiar replacement was a former dragon that had appeared on the BBC show between 2005 and 2012. Paphitis had left the show to expand his business empire. He is the only dragon that has managed to reappear in the show after leaving. Touker was hospitalised for several days and was absent for seven episodes of the dens seventeenth series.

Other Dragon Den members include James Caan, Sarah Davies, Kelly Hoppen, Tej Lavani.

Touker Suleyman net worth

His net worth is estimated to be more than £200 million. Suleyman has appeared on the Sunday Times Rich List as the 637th richest person in the world. Who is the richest among dragons? Check out our article Dragons Den Net Worth – Who Is The Richest Dragon

Touker Suleyman illness

In 2019 while the seventeenth Dragon Den series was being filmed, Touker Suleyman got sick and was hospitalised for pneumonia. This is one of his severe illnesses after the one he had while he was 10 years old when he had a hand infection.

Touker Suleyman businesses – Hawes & Curtis

Starting to make real money out of fashion for himself came by chance for the den star even though he had realised that property and fashion were where the money was. While doing an account as a chartered accountant for a clothing company, he landed on the jackpot. He took some of the crimplene garments for the company he was auditing back to his home, which he gave to his grandmother, who loved the sample garments along with her friends. His grandmother asked for the garments, and he started purchasing them, and his grandmother went on to sell them for him for a year.

Seeing the success of this venture, Suleyman signed a contract with the garments manufacturer and later founded Kingsland Model, which supplied clothes to Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and other outlets.

Low Profile Group was a fruitful result from his business acquisition of small cash and carry company in 1984. The clothing manufacturer store supplied clothes to the notable Marks & Spencers, and its growth saw it being introduced in several European countries.

As a business magnet, Suleyman continues to increase his market share through acquisitions and turns small business into big brands. In 2001 he acquired Hawes & Curtis, and regardless of the financial trouble it was in, he was able to turn it around and grow its worth from £600,000 to £30 million in 2014. Low Profile Group acquisition of Hawes & Curtis, the famous shirt maker, was for just £1 after getting into financial trouble. By 2014 it was operating in 30 branches in the UK alone and had one branch in Germany with an expansion in the Gulf region.

He also made another purchase in 2008 by acquiring a company called Ghost and has been working his magic on the fashion label. When he made his acquisition for Ghost, he secured 142 jobs. He also makes investments in start-up companies and these include Tru-Tension, which is an innovative motorcycle and cycling brand; Docks Rio, which has been described as a casual boat shoe brand; Huxley & Cox a manufacturer of luxury bags and Bikesoup, an online market place for bicycles which he invested £100,000 for a stake that he has not disclosed until now.

Though successful now, Touker Suleyman admits that he has made poor investment deals that cost him everything, including the one he made in his late 20’s that saw him lose everything, including his house.

The fashion retail entrepreneur and television personality offers practical advice to young people and is involved in mentoring them through Young Charity Organisations and supporting young entrepreneurs in developing countries.

One of his valuable possessions is his ‘fabulous James Bond Style’ house which he rents out to celebrities. His previous famous tenants have included David and Victoria Beckham.

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