01. Plan

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Planning is an essential part of any SEO service, setting up the project to facilitate its future success. During the planning phase of our SEO framework, you will be asked to complete an onboarding questionnaire to help us understand your business requirements. Behind the scenes, we will also be conducting data analysis and competitor research while forming the foundations of your SEO reports and preparing for your kickoff meeting.

SEO Framework

Performance Analysis

Before undertaking any new SEO, it’s crucial we understand where you currently are. Understanding your historical data will help guide our strategy. We look at SEO data from GSC, Google Analytics & AHREFS.

Onboarding Questionnaire

Without question, you know your business better than anybody. Which is why we have all of our customers undertake an onboarding questionnaire so my team are fully aware of your companies strengths & weaknesses.

CompetitIve Analysis

Our analysts will spend time reviewing the top performing websites in your industry. Understanding what makes one website succeed & another struggle is vital information for the campaign.

Kickoff Call

Now we have reviewed your current performance, analysed your competitors & understand your businesses strengths and weakness from the onboarding questionnaire, we are ready to discuss strategy!

02. Analyse

During the analysis phase of our SEO framework we focus on interpreting the data collected during the planning phase and support this by conducting a number of audits, including a full technical SEO audit of your site, a website quality audit and an on-page audit. These audits and the data they provide allow us to see the current state of your SEO so that we can begin working on how to improve it. In the background, we will continue to conduct relevant keyword research and will also research any existing competitor web pages.

Framework Analyse

Technical Audit

Not all websites are built to rank well in Google, in fact, almost completely ignore Google guidelines. Which is why we run a technical audit on the site to find any issues before they become a problem.

Website Quality Audit

At Ignite SEO, we run a full website audit at the start of the campaign to understand each & every page on your website. We then look to improve key pages to optimum performance.

Keyword Research

At Ignite SEO, everything we do is data-driven, there is no point optimising your website for keywords that are either unachievable or not searched at all. We undertake keyword research to find primary & secondary keywords for each page on your website.

On Page Audit

Now we understand which keywords to optimise for, we will help optimise each landing page on your website so it performs perfectly in Google.

03. Create

Only once we have collected sufficient data and have finished the analysis phase of our SEO framework will we proceed to the creation stage. During the creation phase of our SEO framework, we will begin making any necessary technical adjustments to your website to improve its usability, start to fill in any keyword gaps that have been highlighted in our research & begin the creation of SEO optimised content & web pages.

Framework Create

Technical Adjustments

From analysing our audits, the Ignite SEO team will now understand if there any technical adjustments which need to be fixed in order to rank effectively. We will work with you to resolve any problems.

Keyword Gap Analysis

Often your competitors will have pages & blogs driving traffic to their website that you do not. We analyse your direct competitors to discover new opportunities for pages on your website.

Content Topic Generation

Our gap analysis helps our team build out a content plan for your website for the coming 12 months. We categories new pages either into top or bottoms of the funnel pages.

New Page Creation

We will help create new landing pages for your “bottom of the funnel” pages. These are pages that hold the highest probability of converting a sale.

04. Promote

With your website now optimised and fresh SEO content created, it’s time to move onto the promotion phase of our SEO framework, which involves link prospecting and link outreach. During the link prospecting process, we will find and audit a variety of websites that are relevant to your industry and search criteria. Next, during link outreach, we personally will contact these websites to secure you a link back from their site. The link prospecting and link outreach processes are arguably considered to be some of the most difficult and important aspects of any SEO service; however, they form a vital part of the overall success of your SEO and so cannot be ignored.


Link Prospecting

Building the right type of links can make or break your campaign. We analyse your competition & the industry to discover the right type of links to target throughout the campaign.

Link Outreach

Once we know who to target, Ignite SEO’s outreach team pitch hundreds of prospective website owners to link back to your website.

05. Report

Lastly, having implemented the changes needed to improve your SEO, we will continue to monitor and report on the performance of your site, making adjustments and tweaks to your SEO strategy as necessary. SEO is a constantly evolving environment, and so reporting is essential in order to highlight subtle changes that could be occurring and to keep you ranking highly for your target keywords.


05. Monthly Report

Transparency is key to each SEO campaign we undertake. Each month we send a catch-up report so you can clearly see the progress being made on your campaign.

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