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Why Is Search Engine optimisation for Solicitors so Important?

Search engine optimisation for solicitors is important because it helps in improving your website ranking in search engines algorithms. This means more traffic and more traffic means more clients. It’s the best way to make use of digital spaces as platforms for marketing your services, and in an industry like law, you need to do anything you can to get ahead of the competition.

SEO Tips for Solicitors 👉
SEO Tips for Solicitors
SEO for Solicitors - The Ultimate Guide

Solicitor SEO Ranking Factors

Search engines look at several ranking factors when ranking websites. Our Solicitor SEO team ensures that all these factors are taken into account when building a strategy for you.



Digital marketing would be impossible to do without some form of written content. Therefore, every website needs to have content. This can be photos, banners, blog posts, and long articles. So, for any business to thrive in terms of SEO, a content strategy needs to be out in place and this covers everything from content creation to content optimization. Remember content is what connects you and your clients therefore need to be of great value to them.


Backlinks and off-page citations

Crawlers are guided to a website through internal links and external; links, which helps with indexing and ranking. As a consequence, if you would like to rank well in search engines, you must have relevant links on your website. If your backlinks are correctly ordered and structured, crawlers will have a much simpler time indexing your websites.


Technical SEO

Search engines will crawl and index the content that is available on your web pages. This is how they get their results. Some fundamental technological pieces must be correctly functioning. Consequently, in technical SEO, elements such as the loading speed of web pages and mobile-friendliness are taken into consideration.


Page-Level Factors

Several ranking variables just look at pages of your website, rather than the complete website. When it comes to on-page variables, they are typically aspects that assist in improving your Google rankings by taking into consideration the primary criteria on your website pages that enable them to effectively to crawl. Things that are looked at include the content, URLs, metadata, and any other relevant information on the page.


Domain Factors

Domain criteria that are utilised in ranking include the age of the domain, the domain keywords, the duration of the registration, the domain record, and others. Concentrating on these domain characteristics may assist in increasing the relevance of a website, which in turn can help it rank higher in search engine results.

Marketing for law firms

Marketing for law firms is one of our specialisations, and we also have a great deal of experience with customers in the legal industry.

Why do solicitors need Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) may assist solicitors in making their firm prominent and readily discoverable on the internet.

The majority of people are more likely to recognise websites that usually appear on search results pages. Search engine optimisation will thus assist in raising the authority of your company as well as establishing it as a reputable source of information.

Using search engine optimisation may also help solicitors & lawyers in the legal sector are becoming more competitive, as long as the appropriate SEO strategy is implemented.

Also with search engine optimisation, a solicitor’s firm will be visible to the digital world and will assist you to build a solid web presence, enabling the majority of consumers to trust and contact your firm whenever they want legal guidance.

Why is SEO important for marketing?

SEO is important for marketing because it helps solicitors to get new clients. When a website is ranked highly in local search results, a lot of traffic is directed to that website and the number of clicks increases, therefore, solicitors will end up getting new clients and the revenue will increase as a result.

SEO Tips For Solicitors

If you ‘re a solicitor, then you know that SEO is important for driving traffic to your website. But what are the best SEO tips for solicitors? Follow our guide on SEO Tips For Solicitors.

What is SEO

SEO is a technique that can drive a lot of users to your solicitor’s website by making sure that your website appears at the top of search engine results. This simply means that if you are on position one or two or three of the search results on Google’s first page, more visitors will flock to your website.

How does SEO work?

In search engine optimisation, your website is updated and modified to boost the possibility of it showing up in search engine results whenever a person searches for search terms and phrases in the search consoles. If the search engine algorithm determines that the user’s search intent matches your content, your site will be positioned at the top of the search results page.

Main SEO Ranking Factors

When it comes to ranking websites, search engines use a variety of factors.


Any SEO strategy would be meaningless without SEO optimised content. It’s critical to have compelling content that can be used to effectively generate, distribute, and evaluate your content within your organisation.

The search engine likes seeing websites that often renew their content with fresher, original content. It demonstrates to Search engines that a site is dedicated to delivering quality to their users’ experience. Whenever you’re producing content, constantly strive to make it relevant, educational, credible, and beneficial to your audience.

Backlinks and off-page citations

Obtaining backlinks is one of the most difficult and intimidating activities that every SEO must do. Fortunately, if you’ve developed outstanding content, you may have already been identified and are the recipient of links. On the other hand, this isn’t true in the majority of cases. You’ll have to look for possibilities for some other sites to contact you on your initiative. Nowadays, there are a plethora of tools available for doing backlink research. If you are going to link build yourself, we recommend you check out our Link Building Checklist.

Technical SEO

Another SEO ranking factor is technical SEO. To make sure you rank higher in organic search results, solicitors’ websites must comply with the technical criteria that current search engines use. This ranking factor has several components including the architecture of the site, rendering, indexing and crawling.

Local Law Firm SEO

Local SEO is essential for solicitors if you would like to appear in search results locally. A Local SEO strategy is adopted by our team to make sure you get a great boost in search engine optimisation.

Google my Business

As a company that relies on the internet, the value of Google my business cannot be understated. A greater number of potential customers in the area may now be reached if you have an optimised GBM.

Getting Reviews

An important aspect of search engine algorithms is the number of reviews a website has received. Occasionally, search engines may use your reviews to decide your place in the rankings. One with a lot of customer feedback is more likely to rank higher than one with a small number of evaluations

Leveraging traffic from other sites

To achieve high rankings in Google and other search engines. You may consider leveraging traffic from other websites. There are several areas where you can leverage traffic from on the web.

Link Building To Your Law Firm Website

Our link-building SEO team will assist you in obtaining links from high-authority domains to increase the amount of traffic to your website.

What is a hyperlink?

This refers to text that may be clicked on to take the user to specific pages or websites.

What is Anchor Text?

An anchor text is the actual letters or text that hyperlinks show while they are directing the user to some other page or place on the internet.

What Are Nofollow and Dofollow Links?

A no-follow link is a link that does not provide any search ranking indicators to the webpage that it is pointing to.

A do-follow link is a link that may be inserted on a web page and that transfers webpage ranking indicators or link juice to the site that contains the link.

How Does Link-Building Work?

In link building, your site needs to find another website that can link its pages to your website. The reason for this is to help in visiting your web pages’ authority in search engines view. This helps the pages to rank high in search results and also brings more traffic to your website.

SEO Success Framework

The proven SEO success Framework is a structured plan to success. Our specialists here at Ignite SEO know that this plan works and can get you the results you want to see!


Planning is the first step of our SEO success Framework as it sets out the starting point for the campaign. In this phase, a lot of factors are looked at. We look at factors such as where your website is at in terms of performance, what your business strengths and weaknesses are, the competitors in the legal industry and therefore proceed to discuss the SEO strategy.


In the analyse phase, we try to gain a better understanding of your website as well as its structure and implementation. Website audits, local SEO audits, and several other activities are carried out and determine the critical areas that must be improved. keyword research is also done during this phase.


The create phase is the engine of our SEO success Framework in the sense that without this phase, an SEO campaign is incomplete. The phase involves making your website to be easily indexed by search engine ranking factors. The main focus in this phase is the content because if a website does not have content, the search algorithms cannot index it. Several tasks are carried out include adding new content, expanding existing content, optimising GMB, and establishing social media properties.


The promote phase aims at increasing the website’s online exposure making people more aware of your website as well as the services that are offered. Two important strategies that are used in this phase are link prospecting and link outreach. Other promotion elements include citation audit and press releases distribution.


It is important to let our clients know where they currently stand in search rankings and where the SEO campaign is currently at. That is why there is a dashboard with all the needed metrics to help you see the results of our work in real-time.

Why Choose Us?

Here at Ignite SEO, we dedicate our time and efforts to learning every aspect of how to rank highly on Google. We keep up-to-date with all the current trends and changes with Google to make sure we offer the expertise that is relevant and useful.

SEO Success Framework

We use our SEO success framework intelligently to assist all our clients in developing an SEO strategy or digital marketing campaign. Our team’s experience and skills help us boost your business by increasing traffic on your website and the number of prospective clients.

Highly Focussed SEO Agency

We consider ourselves to be a highly focused agency and a full-service provider in solicitor’s SEO. We ensure that all the aspects required for high online exposure are covered.

Certified SEM Rush Agency Partner

Our certified partnership with SEM RUSH allows us to use the tools to plan out an SEO campaign, keep track of your rankings as well as to measure the success of the campaign.

Happy Customers

Our priority is to make our customers happy by delivering excellent results and growing the number of visitors to their law firm websites.

SEO Success Framework

The unique SEO success Framework gives the results you need as it is tried and tested and designed by SEO experts.

Technical SEO

One thing that most people overlook, is the technical aspects of the website as these play an important role when it comes to ranking. Our SEO consultants will always look at your website’s technical aspects to make sure it’s all implemented properly to give you the best options for success.

Keyword Research

For the legal professional industry, keywords must never be underestimated. It is important to target the right keywords for your industry and provide the content users are searching for with those keywords. This helps push your site on rankings as you’re seen as a viable source of relevant information.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is how we get your content seen. You need to have the right strategy in place to drive customers towards the areas you need them to be if you want to get your website seen.

Link Building

With our link-building strategy, we find suitable links to connect to your website and increase the organic traffic coming on your site.

Transparent Reporting

Our SEO consultants will make sure that every single metric of the SEO is available to you so that you can monitor the progress of the campaign. A visual dashboard is provided as a result.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an SEO campaign last?

An SEO campaign can last several months to a year. For these campaigns to ...

An SEO campaign can last several months to a year. For these campaigns to be integrated, a lot of things are required and therefore, you may expect it to last from 6 to 12 months. Based on your requirements and the kind of campaign chosen, the campaign may last longer.

How much will a new SEO strategy/campaign cost?

Not all SEO campaigns cost the same. The prices vary depending on the campaign ...

Not all SEO campaigns cost the same. The prices vary depending on the campaign you want and how long you want the SEO campaign for. Other factors like your business requirements also determine the cost. We offer a free consultation to discuss our SEO services.

Why is SEO for Solicitors so important?

SEO is important for solicitors to help them in getting a strong client base ...

SEO is important for solicitors to help them in getting a strong client base and visibility online. For solicitors, ranking highly in search engine results shows your trustworthiness and credibility. Furthermore, your authority as a source that can be trusted improved.

Does SEO Work For Solicitors?

SEO is effective for legal professionals. You can properly improve your website using SEO ...

SEO is effective for legal professionals. You can properly improve your website using SEO for solicitors. Clients will be able to locate your Law Firm more readily if you optimise your website for search engines. Search engine optimisation helps to guarantee that law firms appear prominently in search engine results.

Should I Invest in SEO or PPC?

Search engine optimisation is a great choice over PPC for long-term results. PPC, however, ...

Search engine optimisation is a great choice over PPC for long-term results. PPC, however, is not a great choice for long-term results. Furthermore, you should invest in SEO if you would like to obtain more traffic on your site because PPC’s focus is not drawing traffic to your website.

How is SEO for Solicitors Different from Another Industry?

SEO for solicitors can help law firms in finding clients that are in the ...

SEO for solicitors can help law firms in finding clients that are in the same geographical location. It also helps solicitors to compete at a national level to find prospective customers that are located in the same area. Therefore, visibility and online exposure of the law firms improve.

How Long Does SEO Take to Work?

There is no specific answer on how long it will take for SEO to ...

There is no specific answer on how long it will take for SEO to work. However, results can be noticed between 4 to 6 months of launching the SEO campaign.

Do I Need an SEO Expert?

Yes. An SEO expert is required because they know how to optimise your website ...

Yes. An SEO expert is required because they know how to optimise your website ethically. Unethical search engine optimisation may cause your website to be penalised.