Who is James Caan from Dragons Den? What’s his net worth and which business does he run?

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James Caan is a British-Pakistani entrepreneur and television personality popular for his role in the BBC television program Dragons’ Den along with Kelly Hoppen, Tej Lalvani, Peter Jones, Deborah Medan in which he was one of the Dragons from 2007 to 2010. He started appearing in Dragons’ Den as a judge in the fifth season of the program and left in 2011 to concentrate on his businesses.

James Caan is married to Alia Windsor Caan and has five amazing children, Jemma, Daniel, Hannah, Alexander, and Anthony.

Caan is a business tycoon known for all his successful businesses he started at a young age. He is also a motivational speaker and has delivered speeches to companies such as Google, Samsung, and many more.

Personal History

James Caan, also known as Nazim Khan, was born in Pakistan to a humble family. The entire family moved into the UK when Caan was just two years old. Caan’s father was a hardworking man; he built a clothing business from nothing but still managed to make it work to take care of his family.

When Caan was 16, he moved out of his father’s house and joined a recruitment agency as a salesman. Later on, he worked for Grand Metropolitan and then started his own business.

Caan was not bright at school, and he never went to University, but in 2003, he managed to attend Harvard business school for a program in advanced management.

Professional Career

In 1987, James Caan established a recruitment company called Alexander Mann. He later co-founded Humana international, an exclusive headhunting business that expanded in more than 30 countries; Caan sold this business in 1999 to CDI multinational. In 2002 he also sold Alexander Mann, which had a 130 million pounds’ turnover.

Caan founded Hamilton Bradshaw in 2004, he still runs this company till today, and it’s said to have a turnover of over 300 million pounds. Caan has founded many other businesses, including the Start-Up Loans Company, to help individuals start businesses.

Apart from his successful businesses, Caan is also famous for appearing as a judge on Dragons Den, a television show. Caan also became a columnist for business matters in 2014 and is also known for his bestselling books where he teaches about business.

James Caan Teaching and Events

James Caan is also a famous motivational speaker; he has also been involved in seminars and personal performances. His rise to success and hard work are innovative. Therefore, he uses his experience, writings, and practices to provide to his fans teachings about businesses.

Caan has delivered motivational teachings for several companies, including Google, Samsung, Santander, and many others. He uses his life experience in business to motivate people and has had audiences ranging from around 1000 to 5000 people.

James Caan Wife

In 2011, James Caan fathered a child with Alia when he was still married to Aisha. He then separated from his first wife, Aisha, in 2016. The two had been together for 32 years and had two daughters. Today Caan is happily married to Alia, and they plan to make it work.

James Caan Dragons Den

James Caan was a Dragon from series 5 to Series 8, which was from 2007 to 2010. He invested in various businesses, including dog treadmill business Fit Fur Life and a company specializing in Toastabags. The largest sum he ever invested was 200, 000 pounds.

Cable tie start-up Rapstrap is the most successful investment Caan made. He invested in this business with his fellow Dragon, Duncan Bannatyne; they invested 150, 000 pounds in exchange for 50% shares in series 6.

James Caan left Dragons den in 2010 to concentrate on his businesses and other essential things.

James Caan Net Worth

John Caan comes from humble beginnings; he started his journey to success by working in various part-time jobs, then, later on, he started a recruitment agency in a small office in London. He grew a subsequent head hunting agency to over 30 countries and 147 offices worldwide; his first company Alexander Mann generated 300 million pounds per year in revenue. Later on, Caan sold his shares in the company and then founded Hamilton Bradshaw – a private equity firm in 2004. In 2014, the company generated 300 million pounds in revenue.

According to Wikipedia, James Caan’s net worth is 100 million pounds. How rich is James Caan compare to other dragons? Check out our article Dragons Den Net Worth – Who Is The Richest Dragon to know who is the richest.

James Caan Businesses

James Caan is the founder and CEO of Hamilton Bradshaw, a company founded in 2004 and based in Mayfair, London. The company focuses on buyouts, venture capital, turnarounds, and real estate investment in the UK.

James Caan Age

James Caan was born on the 28th of December 1960; he is 59 years old.

Books and Publications

James Caan has written several bestselling books regarding entrepreneurship, these books include:

The Real Deal: In this book, James Can talks about his life story and what it took for him to be the successful man he is today. From his childhood as a Pakistan immigrant in Brick Lane in the 1960s and his decision not to join his father’s clothing business to the success of his first company. This book is about James Caan’s entire life, and it has over 500 reviews on Goodreads.

Start Your Business in 7 Days: This is a fascinating book whereby James Caan takes a unique approach to business mentoring. Here he teaches you how to work for yourself in just one week and start your business in 7 days. He says 90% of new businesses fail because their founders was unable to ask themselves the simplest of questions.

Get the Job You Really want: This book advises graduates on how they can get the job they are seeking for. He also shows how to successfully write a resume as a marketing document, pass the interview, and get the job you really want. In the book, he gives insider tips and tricks of the trade-in his time as a successful business owner.